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Seadrill Kicks The Can Down The Road
6 years ago

Well said. Oil companies are in hoc to banks by the hundreds of billions. If banks take a loss then it's an act of treason. The banks have to be propped up so the oil companies also have to be propped up.

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Greenbrier: Did Railcar Orders Really Fall 70%?
7 years ago

The Shock Exchange is bearish on the economy. Revenue and earnings for cyclical names like GBX will continue to fall.

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3 Reasons Weatherford Could Be The Next Enron
7 years ago

Thank you. SE

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3 Reasons Weatherford Could Be The Next Enron
7 years ago

What details did Oppenheimer give? The Shock Exchange's article is extremely detailed, with spot on analysis. WFT's bonds also trade at steep discounts, implying impending bankruptcy. SE would listen to bond investors before listening to an analyst who provides "de-facto PR" for companies.

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Weatherford Might Need $1.4 Billion To Avoid Bankruptcy
7 years ago

Are you asking which one of those stocks the Shock Exchange would buy? He wouldn't buy any stocks at this juncture.

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Will Weatherford's Debacle Destroy The Halliburton - Baker Hughes Merger?
7 years ago

The Halliburton-Baker Hughes saga is interesting. It's hard to predict whether the merger will be approved or not. SE

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BlackBerry Is Now The Software Company John Chen Envisioned
7 years ago

Susan, the Shock Exchange agrees with you. However, with more data being put on line, it makes security paramount. Major hacks or security breaches could bring BlackBerry back into favor.

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Gilead's HCV Sales May Have Peaked
7 years ago

The Shock Exchange doesn't see that way. Starts peaked in the U.S. in Q1. Starts are also beginning to decline in Europe. A combination of declining volume and declining prices could punish Gilead. The one caveat is that HCV sales are ramping up in Japan which could mask how poorly the U.S. and Europe are doing.

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