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Micron: Is The Catbird Seat Heating Up?
MU delivered strong Q2 earnings. Outsized revenue growth drove margins higher from increased scale. The company plans to expand DRAM and NAND capacity. This could hurt the MU growth story.
Powell Tells Congress Gradual Rate Hikes Are Needed
Fed Chairman Powell recently informed Congress gradual rate hikes could be needed to keep the economy from overheating. The Fed would also like PCE to reach 2 percent for a sustained period before hiking rates.
U.S. Patent Office Kills Allergan's Mohawk Deal
PTAB ruled the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe could not claim sovereign immunity to thwart an IPR for Restasis patents. MYL estimated it could meet FDA guidelines for generic Restasis by year-end 2017. Generic Restasis could arrive any week now.
Teva: Berkshire Believes Bondholders Will Provide 'Mullet Money'
Berkshire recently invested in TEVA. Teva will survive by restructuring near principal payments. Teva's paltry interest expense implies bondholders are mullet money. Berkshire likely thinks bondholders will continue to provide dumb money.
Did Teva Offer 'Illegal' Payments For Opioid Sales?
Teva is suspected of offering illegal payments to Canadian pharmacies to spur opioid sales. If the probe leads to regulators reducing Teva's sales to Canada it could be devastating.
Allergan Punished After Judge Invalidates Restasis Patents
Judge Bryson invalidated AGN's Restasis patents. The bottleneck for generic Restasis could be FDA approval. Generic Restasis could hurt AGN's earnings and sentiment.
Allergan: Judge Asks If Patent Transfer To Mohawks Is A 'Sham'
The judge overseeing AGN's federal patent trial questioned whether its patent deal with the Mohawks was a sham. The judge wants AGN to decide whether the Mohawks will serve as a co-defendant in the federal patent trial.
Mohawk Tribe Seeks To Dismiss Allergan Patent Case
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe seeks to dismiss MYL's challenge to AGN's Restasis patents. St. Regis claims the patent board does not have jurisdiction over it. MYL claims the AGN, St. Regis partnership is a desperate attempt to thwart generic competition.
Allergan Partners With Indian Tribe To Protect Restasis Patents
AGN enjoined St. Regis Mohawk Tribe to protect Restasis patents. It highlights how important Restasis is to AGN. Investors could focus on Restasis' decline or AGN's lack of R&D prowess. Growth is dead and so is AGN.
Cory Booker Blocks Importation Of Cheaper Drugs; Will Trump Hit Back?
Senator Cory Booker voted against Senator Bernie Sanders' plan to import cheaper drugs. President Trump also supports the importation of drugs. The fight over importing drugs would make good theater and potentially impact VRX.
Gilead Gets Its Comeuppance
GILD's Q4 revenue fell 3% Q/Q. HIV was a major disappointment, falling 4%. Management guided that 2017 revenue could fall from 18% - 25% Y/Y. HCV sales could be off 39% - 49%. GILD got it comeuppance after the stock fell about 5%.
Weatherford International: The Oil Industry's Bernie Madoff?
Bernie Madoff's $50B Ponzi scheme defined the 2008 Financial Crisis. As the market and the economy stalls, more Ponzi schemes could emerge. Like Madoff, WFT is insolvent by $3.1B and thirsty for new investors to repay current ones. Sans new money WFT could become the oil industry's Bernie Madoff.
3 Reasons Weatherford Could Be The Next Enron
Weatherford is dependent upon high energy prices, has cash flow problems, and its $3B in goodwill is impaired -- just like Enron. It could also face an ignominious end -- just like Enron.
Yellen Gets Her Dander Up Over Inequality - "A Hit Dog Will Holler"
Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen got her dander up after being pressed on her recent speech on inequality. Now that QE has ended and oil prices are in free fall, it begs the question, "How effective was the Fed stimulus?" All Signs point to the actions of central bankers as having led to inequality.
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