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Moon Kil Woong is currently a VP at a SME. Previously he was a tech stock consultant, VP of Research at ING, and sell side Director at Crédit Agricole Indosuez. Moon Kil Woong has a Masters in Public Administration from SJSU.


E My Take On Recessionary Indicators
Despite the regularity of economic downturns and the existence of business cycles in a free market economy it is quite obvious that recession calling remains an art more than a science with the scientists being wrong consistently.


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The Dividend Payer That’s Up 3,000% And You Probably Didn’t Know It Pays Dividends
15 hours ago

Is this affected by the meat cutting and packaging Covid problems? It hasn't done well last year. Is there something new about this stock? Otherwise it looks like it's going to continue to sit around.

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The Fed Needs To Deploy Digital Dollars To Support Recovery
15 hours ago

The government needs to act and continue the stimulus. The effects of Covid will last at least a year. The most effective way to keep the economy up and not distort it is to give money to people who will spend. This prevents government making choices on who to help, the market (real people making consumption choices) are still who decides where real assets are allocated. The reason the first stimulus worked is because it went to people who are unemployed (unemployment assistance) as well as everyone who filed taxes (the stimulus checks). This worked as well as helped the economy as quickly and efficiently as the government does anything.


Don't give up on something that worked. It's much better than depending on the Federal Reserve to pervert the monetary system. If the fed wanted to help you should have it offer individuals a low interest amount they can borrow, not corporations. However, Washington doesn't like this because they don't get enough pork and lobbying money with deals like this. They prefer giving it to companies that donate to their campaigns.

June 2020 Job Cuts Over 1,200,000 - Highest On Record
16 hours ago

Like Covid we are still in the first wave although unlike Covid, the numbers are at least down.

The West Has To Make China Play By The Rules Or Scrap The WTO
18 hours ago

China knows it is going to continue to hemorrhage manufacturing to lower cost countries. That is why they are trying to actively invest in places like Africa, Also US companies are also moving production mainly to smooth their supply chain as well as save money. This is the same thing that happened with Japan, the Asian tigers, etc.

Rather than fighting over manufacturing with China, we are actually making it stronger by forcing them to speed up competition higher up the food chain and try to increase direct business with Europe. China needs to reform their systems, but the changes we need have been put aside as manufacturing trade imbalances have taken center stage.

OPEC Output Falls Further
18 hours ago

Sadly no one expects everyone in OPEC to comply. Their compliance is actually unexpectedly very good this time. Fortunately, Saudi Arabia is good at balancing OPEC's production much the same as global demand.

The reason oil has fallen so low is the US production has been unable and unwilling to stop producing even at a loss. This is being caused by small producers who are even deeper underwater because they owe too much to banks to not sell at any price to get liquidity to pay their debt payments even though it means they become worse off. This has been going on for years now.

Gold Bugs Buzzing With Joy
3 days ago

The issue with gold is that governments who are experiencing fiscal squeezes will be less compelled to buy gold in the future as long as global turmoil and worries over banking restrictions doesn't discourage them from buying cash and treasuries.

Margin Debt And The Market: Up 5.3% In May
4 days ago

It is a known fact that low rates encourage debt and it is also becoming a known fact that more and more people are finding out that it is impossible to get ahead these days without investing. What is good about margin debt is that people choose to take debt to invest as opposed to taking regular debt to spend. The simple fact remains, if the Federal Reserve or policy makers want to help the market they can do things to lower the rate on margin debt. For many the rates remain too high to be of any benefit for the average investor which is the real worry (the margin debt may be acts of irrationality rather than wise choices).

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Enbridge: High-Yield Energy Stock To Buy Now
4 days ago

Embridge will recover if it can keep its dividend. It is ridiculous that some people are shorting companies that regularly pay over 5% dividends that aren't ETFs.

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Why This Is The Weirdest Recession Ever
4 days ago

The government stimulus helped now the administration wants to cancel it and impose new tariffs on Europe. This is why sentiment is starting to turn.

$10 Silver Certificate Would Buy $333 Worth Of Silver Today
5 days ago

Umm, $10 in 1934 would be above $4,000 with anything close to a decent return over that time period. So it would be a bad investment. But I do agree that buying silver where you must pay transactional fees is terrible. Just holding it and not getting interest is bad enough.

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