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Executive Officer at SME

Moon Kil Woong is currently a VP at a SME. Previously he was a tech stock consultant, VP of Research at ING, and sell side Director at Crédit Agricole Indosuez. Moon Kil Woong has a Masters in Public Administration from SJSU.

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Muscle Maker Grill Positioning For Growth Through Acquisition And Expansion
GRIL is a growing fast food business that is misunderstood as it embanks on rapid expansion using ghost kitchens during the Covid market.
E VistaGen Is Prepared For 2021 Fueled By Recent Analyst Upgrades And Large Institutional Buyers
VistaGen’s deal with Pherin Pharmaceuticals to develop PH-94B has positioned the Company to grab a healthy share of, social anxiety, and major depression markets.
E Is There A Light At The End Of The Tunnel For A COVID-19 Therapeutic?
The corporate culture of CytoDyn Inc. has created an atmosphere where management is now able to realize the full potential of a drug that was essentially tossed in the garbage heap.
E CytoDyn Investors Sell Despite Positive Recommendation From DSMB And A More Certain Path To COVID-19 Approval
Cytodyn investors are not reacting positively to good news despite being extremely positive.
E CytoDyn's Update Provides A Clear Path Towards Approval With Up-Listing Potential Still In The Cards
This is to clarify the recent conference call and counter misleading information on it by shorters etc.
E GRIL For Americans Demanding Healthier Fast Food Options: The Evolving Restaurant Landscape Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic
Food behaviors are changing. GRIL is expanding to adapt.
E There Is Beta In Protalix Stock Due To PRX-102
Protalix offers positive Beta on PRX-102 success.
E CytoDyn’s Data: Approvable Drug Sets Stage For Near-Term Move Upward
Cytodyn, is set to move on positive information and this article gives updated information on why it may move in the near term and an update on their Covid drug trial.
E HIV Cure Challenger CytoDyn Takes On Gilead Sciences
CytoDyn believes they have a cure for HIV that will work on a subpopulation of patients with cancer.
E My Take On Recessionary Indicators
Despite the regularity of economic downturns and the existence of business cycles in a free market economy it is quite obvious that recession calling remains an art more than a science with the scientists being wrong consistently.
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