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Moon Kil Woong is currently a VP at a SME. Previously he was a tech stock consultant, VP of Research at ING, and sell side Director at Crédit Agricole Indosuez. Moon Kil Woong has a Masters in Public Administration from SJSU.

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Cytodyn, is set to move on positive information and this article gives updated information on why it may move in the near term and an update on their Covid drug trial.
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Unlimited Stock Valuation With Low Interest Rates?
4 hours ago

Indeed many of the large companies are thriving off of the dying carcasses of the small. This has been going on for some time now. Realize the stock market doesn't reflect the entire economy which is doing quite poorly despite what you will hear as elections come around.

Be happy you got in early and can afford to buy the healthiest companies on the stock market.

US Consumer Credit Rises For The First TIme Since The Covid Crisis
14 hours ago

trends seem to be magnified during Covid including summer spending. This is not a trend as much as it's a seasonal cyclical trend. I wouldn't read too much into it.

CytoDyn’s Data: Approvable Drug Sets Stage For Near-Term Move Upward
14 hours ago

Here is a post on the CEO thinking the target should be $25-30 a share and on results the reasons for the UK submissions. CD 10 results should be published next week.


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CytoDyn’s Data: Approvable Drug Sets Stage For Near-Term Move Upward
23 hours ago

Sorry, this was some time ago.

In this article: CYDY
What Exactly Matters?
1 day ago

In this low interest rate, negative growth, high uncertainty market what matters most is:

1) Certainty or the illusion of it.

2) Growth.

3) Future potential or the illusion of it.

3) Stability (high assets, low debt, stable cash flow and income).

What really matters most is Covid and solutions to it be it drugs, healthcare, behavior, and results. Without Covid going away uncertainty and the duration of that uncertainty grows which is adverse to the market as well.

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Alphabet: Cash Generation & Moonshots
1 day ago

Generally buybacks help the investor more than the company. It is draining the company of assets (cash) in order to decrease share count for the stockholder.

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Death, Economics And Coronavirus
1 day ago

As people well know, losing years in your prime is much more devastating to your life than losing years in old age. Thus the effect of Corona is worse economically for those involved.

Regarding immunity to Covid, even those who got Covid they may not be immune to variations as Covid mutates due to the feast it is enjoying around the globe. Likewise, those infected that don't get sick tend to carry greater not less loads of the virus upon infection. Thus the risk may be amplified. Natural immunity for the population if far and the amount of deaths that will follow from such a policy is much higher than it is today.

Thank you for your information about death rates decreasing. Hopefully, this means global medical treatment of this is improving. Indeed a solution is getting drugs that can effectively fight this disease and fight its proclivity to kill more than some sort of group immunity. For death rates, it would be interesting to see if they apply to Africa and other countries that have poorer medical care.

Regarding a vaccine, I agree it is best to wait for one. Vaccines typically take closer to years to get approved given there are risk for adverse reactions, how long they last, and effectiveness. Add to this multiple strains, etc. I think looking for drugs that help infected people so they don't die and can recover is a lot more of a necessity first.

Economically, sadly this continues to pummel the lowest income least protected populations. Instead of learning that we should care and protect them, if for no other reason to prevent Covid's impact from getting worse, the reaction sometimes seems to be to disregard and excommunicate them. We need to come together and do things to help fight this disease collectively or suffer the consequences. We are already feeling some the consequences of not doing the right things nationally. It is devastating.

In the US, fighting Corona is the key to economic health not the other way around. That is fortunate for us. Some in the ROW don't have the ability to fight the disease or the economies to do so effectively.

If The "Market" Never Goes Down, The System Is Doomed
1 day ago

Simply put zirp and QE along with low to no inflation makes companies that grow very valuable (arguably infinitely valuable if they make decent profits and especially if they sustainable pay dividends in excess treasury yields. This makes it hard to value such companies and it makes it hard to compete or adapt long term. Take a look at japan's economy if you want to see the long term effects of QE and zirp, not to say stimulus in a downturn is wrong. We made our mistakes during the long upturn including the last 4 years.

Appeasing politicians is not what the Federal Reserve should ever do and leaving rates so low in an upturn is a compete travesty of basic economic theory.

Unlimited Stock Valuation With Low Interest Rates?
1 day ago

LOL you don't have to wait to have a dominant tech stock to run up to acceptable revenues and still grow briskly. Google is a good example. Of course Microsoft is still around and only ran up like that because it was allowed to keep its virtual monopoly and use it. They still misuse their office virtual monopoly quite well today by bundling it with their other virtual OS monopoly. Thank goodness there is some regulation.

Most smaller tech companies these days get eaten up by larger firms much like drug companies and banks. The good old days, which were never that good for small tech are pretty much gone.

Semiconductor ETFs Roaring To New Highs On Solid Earnings
1 day ago

Indeed ETFs are good when you are too not able to manage your own investments, too lazy, or don't have enough funds to diversify. One shouldn't feel they aren't paying a tidy sum for the passive management, they are.

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