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Gold On The Verge Of A Major Breakout – Here Are 4 Reasons Why
Gold is trading at its highest level in more than 5 years and is likely on the verge of a major break out that should elevate prices of the yellow metal much higher. Here’s why...
E Gold/Platinum Ratio: An Outstanding Indicator; What It's Forecasting
The gold:platinum ratio has had a significantly better track record than most other indicators in forecasting the stock market’s 12-month direction so what does that say about the future of the stock market?
E The Baltic Dry Index: A Reliable Leading Indicator For The Global Economy & U.S. Equities?
What can shipping statistics tell us about where the economy is heading? What effect would a slowing economy have on equities? This article answers those questions and more. Read on.
E The Misery Index: What Its Saying About The US Economy These Days
The Misery Index is a quick and dirty metric to gauge the health of the economy because, as inflation rises, the cost of living increases and, as unemployment rises, more people cross the economic line into poverty.
E What Copper: Gold Ratio & TNX Say About Global Economy Very Disappointing
There's a simple shortcut to tracking the health of the global economy - the copper-to-gold ratio - and this simple ratio is one of the untold wonders of market analysis and here is what it is saying these days.
E A Look At The Effect The USD Has On The Price Of Gold
We can use correlations to develop short term cases for various markets.


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Democratic Socialism Vs. Unfettered Capitalism: There Is No Comparison
3 months ago

To an American perhaps but NOT to the rest of the world.

Economies No Longer Support Retirement
1 year ago

Bernard, what an insightful and instructive and thought provoking article!

What Is The Difference Between The NYSE And Nasdaq?
1 year ago

An equally informative post by VisualCapitalist.com is The Types, Purpose & Use Of Stock Market Indices (www.munknee.com/the-types-purpose-use-of-stock-market-indices/).

Why You Should Teach Your Kids About Dividend Investing While They Are Young
1 year ago

Check out the following articles as well:

1. These 5 TSX Dividend Stocks Could Be Considered Canada’s ‘Dividend Aristocrats’


2. The 5 Best ETFs For Dividend Investors


3. 7 Things to Consider Before Buying Dividend Stocks


4. 4 Dividend Growth Stocks That Should Do Extremely Well In 2017


5. I’m Hooked on Dividends – Here’s Why


In this article: CAH, GWW, TGT
Has Peak Silver Arrived?
1 year ago

Thanks for the article. VERY informative. below are links to other articles on silver that your readers should find particularly interesting:

1. How High Will Silver Prices Go? $100, $300, $500?


2. Ted Butler: Silver Will Move Suddenly & Shockingly Higher Soon – Here’s Why


3. Silver Should Be $136.67/ozt From A Supply Perspective


4. 10 Compelling Reasons To Add Physical Silver To Your Portfolio


In this article: SLV
Marijuana Index Dips 3% In June As Canadian Stocks Continue To Decline
1 year ago

Truly excellent article!

Below are a number of articles that expand on what is said with specific investing information:

1. 5 Marijuana Stocks With Gross Margins Well Above Their Industry Peers


2. MAJOR Revenue Growth Expected From These 5 Marijuana Stocks in 2017


3. Is One of These 5 Junior Marijuana Stocks Ripe For Acquisition?


How To Build A Winning ETF Portfolio For Second-Half 2017
1 year ago

Compliment the above article by reading 10 Ways to Build a Benchmark Beating Global ETF Portfolio (www.munknee.com/10-ways-to-build-an-etf-portfolio-that-will-beat-the-benchmarks/) which says "Follow these 10 ETF investment rules to build a global portfolio that will beat the benchmarks."

Property Bubbles On Bloomberg
2 years ago

I live in Toronto and, yes, house prices are astronomical. It seems every house goes for over $1,000,000 and almost always OVER the asking price. The house next door went for $4 million and the 2 houses across the street went for $6.5 million and $9 million. These are not mansions, just big brick houses like all the others in the neighbourhood.

This article, B.I.S. Flags Canada for a Financial Crisis Next Year – Here’s Why (www.munknee.com/b-i-s-flags-canada-for-a-financial-crisis-next-year-heres-why/) states that:

>"Canada’s addiction to real estate speculation has driven Canadian consumers to record amounts of debt – $2 trillion dollars – of which a whopping 71.6% of the debt was mortgages, which Canadians have been piling into as they aggressively chased soaring real estate prices.

Also check out Toronto Housing Bubble: Average Selling Price Soars 28% y-o-y in February! (www.munknee.com/toronto-housing-bubble-average-selling-price-soars-28-y-o-y-in-february/). It is a few months out of date but prices have only gone UP month after month in a similar fashion since then.

Every month we expect the bubble to burst but it just keeps going!

Crude Oil Futures And Seasons
2 years ago

I think the readers of your article will be interested in an article entitled "Crude Oil: How 'Sweet' It Can Be!" (www.munknee.com/crude-oil-how-sweet-it-can-be/) that:

>says there are over 160 different oils traded on the market theses days and

>identifies & describes the 3 primary types of crude oil and each of their characteristics.

In this article: OILB
Buy Gold Stocks Now
2 years ago

You are not alone in your view. Here's what Sean Brodrick had to say recently in this article: www.munknee.com/this-could-be-the-most-important-gold-pullback-ever-to-consider-buying-into-heres-why/

>"IF gold breaks support...then you should buy gold and miners with both hands because that will likely mark the beginning of the next Mega Bull trend. The market won’t really turn bullish on gold again, however, until it pushes up through $1300."

In this article: GDX, GLD
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Silver Has An Explosive Feeling
Almost every one of the precious metals has some sort of explosive feeling and that is especially so with the price of silver. Let me explain why that is the case.
Gold:USD Ratio - How Trends In The USD Affect The Price Of Gold
We can use correlations to develop short term cases for various markets.
Silver Prices: How High Will They Go? $100? $300? $500?
[This article of edited excerpts* from the original article by Gary Christenson provides you with a 47% FASTER – and EASIER – read.]
Central Banks & ETFs Buying Gold Aggressively – The Start Of A New Bull Cycle?
The gold price has been rising over the past month, driven by central banks and ETFs seeking safe-haven assets as the stock market sells-off sharply.
Invictus MD Strategies Corp.Has Inked A Letter Of Intent (LOI) To Increase Its Ownership Interest In AB Laboratories Inc.
Invictus MD Strategies Corp. has inked a Letter of Intent to increase its ownership interest in AB Laboratories Inc. to 50% from the current 33.3%.
Hyperinflation Has Occurred In 28 Countries Since 1990 - Here's Where, When, For How Long & By How Much
From the beginning of 1990 hyperinflation has occurred in 28 countries around the world on a total of 35 different occasions of which 17 occurred during 1992 alone. Currently, only Zimbabwe and Venezuela are plagued by hyperinflation.
Canada Zinc Metals Corp. Set Up To Become A Major Benefactor Of Zinc Crisis
A shortage of zinc as a result of mine depletion & limited new mine development is leading to very bullish views on zinc which should benefit Canada Zinc which has one of the premier undeveloped lead-zinc-silver rich base metal projects in the world.
Air Canada Stock Price Could See Additional Lift Despite Its Current Lofty Altitude
Despite a recent sharp run up in its stock price, AC is trading at a P/E multiple of 7.46x vs. its peer average of 11.0x and its EV/EBITDA multiple also trades at a discount to the peer average..

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