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Hyperinflation Has Occurred In 28 Countries Since 1990 - Here's Where, When, For How Long & By How Much
From the beginning of 1990 hyperinflation has occurred in 28 countries around the world on a total of 35 different occasions of which 17 occurred during 1992 alone. Currently, only Zimbabwe and Venezuela are plagued by hyperinflation.
Celebrate This Mother's Day By Owning These 4 Stocks
To celebrate this Mother's Day, why not invest in companies that are helping both the mothers (and fathers) they employ, as well as the mothers who make up their customer base? Here are four stocks that anyone who loves moms should buy.
How Volatility Weighted ETFs Work
Mannik Dhillon, President of VictoryShares (with about $1.4 billion in assets), walks us through the philosophy and methodologies behind volatility-weighting ETFs, and the firm’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the smart-beta ETF segment.
Get Answers To These 3 Questions Before Building An Investment Portfolio
This article focus on three questions you should ask yourself as you embark on the process of constructing a portfolio that can address your financial needs and goals.
5 Stocks To Buy If You Love The Earth
Socially responsible investing (SRI) isn't a new concept, but it's an increasingly popular one in a world focused more on sustainability. Here are 5 funds that successfully blend environmentally-conscious investments with performance.
Millennials Can Save The World While Saving For Retirement - Here's How
If you are a millennial investor you are likely to have some very different attitudes about investing than previous generations. 67% of millennials say they want investments to reflect their social and environmental values. (For women, it’s 76%.)
The Low Price-To-Book Values Of These 5 Junior Gold Stocks Suggest They Could More Than Double In Market Value Over The Next 12 Months
The extremely low Price-to-Book Values of each of the 5 junior gold stocks identified in this analysis suggest that their respective market values could more than double over the next 12 months.
Major FCF Allows These 5 Junior Mining Stocks To Enhance Future Shareholder Value
Many companies report negative FCF when they pursue new opportunities but these 5 junior mining companies have already spent the cash necessary to maintain or expand their asset bases, and are hopefully ready to enhance shareholder value.
Investment Advisers: The Genuinely Superior, The Delusional, The Liar & The Secretly Mediocre
You can easily hire people who claim to be good investment advisers but they hardly ever are - they're usually downright lousy investment advisers, and it's worth learning how to identify them; the delusional, the liar, and the secretly mediocre.
7 Mistakes Retail Investors Make Speculating In Junior Resource Stocks
Like casino gamblers, most small resource stock buyers motivated by one or two wins continue to play the game until the ‘House’ has their money. Here’s a few common mistakes retail investors make speculating in junior resource stocks.
The Financial Impact Of Living Longer
People are living longer. The double-edged sword version is that people have a much longer time horizon to plan for financially, which could make things tricky for those who aren’t thoughtful about the potential ramifications.
5 Junior Mining Stocks Likely To Benefit Most From A Further Increase In Copper Price
The copper price is at a 20-month high, amid supply concerns and growing demand from increased infrastructure spending by governments. Today, we have identified 5 junior mining stocks that would benefit most from a further rise in the copper price.
5 Undervalued Junior Gold Stocks Based On These Value Metrics
This post identifies and analyzes 5 junior gold stocks that have attractive market values relative to their book, while sporting safe debt levels:
Looking For The Most Useful Books To Make You A Better Investor? One Of These 8 Suggestions Might Help
I recently asked BlackRock strategists and portfolio team members to name the most useful book they have read recently from an investing perspective. Here are their top recommendations
Pan American Silver Founder Ross Beaty Offers Tips On Successful Mining Investing
An interview with Ross Beaty, founder and Chairman of Pan American Silver Corp. (TSE:PAA) and Alterra Power Corp. (TSE:AXY), provides tips on successful mining investing and offers insight into why he took a ‘green turn’ to deliver clean energy.
5 Graphite Juniors Poised To Charge Higher On Surging Demand
Demand for graphite, a major component of lithium-ion batteries, is expected to grow by 200% over the next four years, which should power up the graphite juniors on our list today.
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