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E Cannabis Central: Canadian LP Pot Stock Sub-Index Continues To Decline
The decline in the Canadian Licensed Producers (LP) component of our Pure-Play Pot Stock Index accelerated this past week after having declined the previous week and is now down 17.0% so far in April. 
E Pure-Play Psychedelic Drug Stocks Index Declined 5.7% This Week
In the past week, of the 41 psychedelic drug stocks that trade on the various North American stock exchanges only nine went up in price, while 31 went down and one had no change.
E Valens' Q1 Financials Show Improvement In All Metrics But EBITDA Is Still Negative
The Valens Company Inc. reported its Q1, 2021, financials today, and they showed a marked improvement in virtually all metrics but Adjusted EBITDA.
E The Pure-Play Plant-Based Food Stocks Index Continues To Decline In April
The Pure-Play Plant-Based Food Stocks Index* tracks the 11 stocks in the fledgling plant-based fake meat, dairy, eggs, and seafood sector and it continues to decline.
E Cannabis Central: A Possible Action Plan For Conservative Investors
8 major consumer and pharmaceutical corporations have bought into marijuana companies to take full advantage of this rapidly growing market.
E Organigram Q2 Financials: Downward Trend Continues
Organigram announced its results for the Q2 2021 period ended February 28, 2021 and, like those of Q1, they were dismal across the board.
E New Ancillary Pot Stocks Index Tracks 16 Companies Servicing Sector
Most sector commentators and marijuana ETFs include marijuana-related stocks in their approach to the sector which conveys a distorted picture of the health of the sector.
E Aphria Reports Dismal Q3 Financials - Stock Craters
Aphria Inc. reported its Q3 financial results today for the 3-month period ending February 28, 2021.
E Cannabis Central: American MSO Pot Stock Index Declined Slightly Last Week
The American MSO Pure-Play Pot Stock Index dropped 1.4% this past week compared to a 8.3% decline for its Canadian peers. Here are last week's US winners and losers.
E Canadian LP Pot Stock Sub-Index Decline Continues
The 8.2% decline of the 9 constituents in the Canadian Pure-Play LP Pot Stock Sub-Index accelerated this past week on top of a 4.9% decline in March. Their average beta is now twice that of the overall stock market.
E Rubicon Organics Q4 Financials: Net Revenue Increased But Net Loss Increased As Well
Rubicon Organics Inc. Q4, 2020 financial and operating results showed a 51% increase in Net Revenue but a 17% increase in net losses and a 15% decrease in Adj. EBITDA.
E Cannabis Central: New Ancillary Cannabis Index Launched Last Week
NewCannabisVentures has launched an Ancillary Cannabis Index that tracks the performance of 14 companies providing goods and services to cannabis operators.
April Gold Update: 65 Pundits Now See Major Price Surge Coming
Of the 65 pundits forecasting a dramatic increase in gold this decade, 14 believe $10,000/oz. and beyond is likely with 1 predicting $50,000 in 2025 and then spiking to $87,500!
E Psychedelic Drug Stocks Index Up 9.9% During Shortened Week
During this shortened week 15 psychedelic drug stocks went up in price,15 went down and 11 had no change for an overall sector change of +6.1%.
E Canbud: The Only Company In The Hemp CBD, Mushroom And Plant-Based Product Sectors
Canbud Distribution Corporation has a three-pronged business model of (1) Hemp for cannabinoids (CBD) production, (2) Mushrooms for both psychedelic pharmaceuticals and non-psychedelic nutraceuticals, and (3) Plant-based products.
E Harvest Health Q4 Financials
Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. reported its Q4 financial and operating results today, which highlight a 13% increase in revenue but mask a 25% increase in net loss.
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