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Top Stock Picks From 5i Research CEO Peter Hodson
Peter Hodson discusses the current investment environment for stocks, talks about sectors he would avoid, and provides his five top stock picks, including one he believes is an appealing takeover target.
Canadian Biotech Stocks
Canadian biotech stocks bottomed about a year ago. Eden Radim discusses what to look for in a biotech stock.
A Company To Watch: Southern Silver Exploration
Southern Silver Exploration Corp. President Lawrence Page hopes to replicate his past success in developing a Mexico silver property that was later sold for more than $1 billion.​
ETF Paper Vs. Physical Metal - Get Out Of The GLD & SLV
A discussion on physical Gold and Silver VS. ETFs such as SLV and GDL.
Gold & Gold Stocks Are Best Investment
Collin Kettell host of Palisade Radio interviews Ali Zamanic, a former Goldman Sachs manager who is of the opinion that gold & gold stocks are the best investment these days and gives his reasons why.
A Marijuana Drink Product Is Coming To The U.S. Market
Palmer talks about why he thinks the next 3 months will be good for the TSX-V; why he’s transitioning out of lithium and into cobalt; mentions an energy junior takeover candidate & provides a pick for a different kind of "pot" stock..
Millennials And Small-Cap Investing
In this video IBK Capital Corp. Associate Catherine White provides her top junior mining stock picks, which includes a near-term gold producer and a possible takeover candidate, and discusses factors to consider before investing in these companies.
Canada’s ‘Smoking’ Hot Marijuana Sector
Why is there long-term growth for the Canadian marijuana industry?
1 to 8 of 8 Posts