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3 Of 5 Cannabis Categories Declined During Third Week Of May
The cannabis sector consists of 5 distinct categories and they each performed quite differently from each other during the third week of May.
S TerrAscend Q1 Financials Horrendous: EBITDA -72%, Net Loss -171%
TerrAscend Corp., an American multi-state operator (MSO), announced its results for the quarter ended March 31, 2022 (Q1) last Thursday and they were horrendous across the board.
S Trulieve Q1 Financials Report Record Revenue And EBITDA; Major Reduction In Net Loss
Truilive's stock price was up 9.6% as of the end of trading this past Friday based on the impressive Q1 financial results but it remains -38.6% YTD and -72.0% from its high in 2021. 
S Plant-Based Food Stocks Index Imploding: -52% YTD; -80% From 2021 High
Grocery sales of plant-based foods that directly replace animal products have grown 27% in the past year. The stocks in our index are faring less well.
S 2 Of The 5 Cannabis Categories Advance Slightly
During the second week of May, two of the 5 categories we index showed some improvement; here, the numbers for all the stocks in all 5 categories for last week, YTD and from the 2021 peak.
S Psychedelic Compounds-Based Stocks Index Imploding
Our index of Psychedelic Compounds-Based Drug Stocks tracking clinical-stage startups still in R&D is down 60% YTD; it's -78% from its 2021 high.
S Aurora Cannabis Stock Advances Despite Poor Q3 Financial Results
Despite unimpressive Q3 financial results reported yesterday, Aurora's stock price has increased but it remains down 49.4% YTD and still remains down 85.5% from its 2021 high.
S American Multi-State Cannabis Operators Imploding - Down 46% YTD; Down 75% From 2021 High
The general market weakness and the continuing disappointment in the delay in the introduction of the Senate's cannabis bill have the largest American multi-state operators (MSOs) imploding.
S Canadian Licensed Cannabis Producers Imploding - Down 39% YTD; Down 90% From 2021 High
The general market weakness and continuing disappointment in the postponement of the Senate's cannabis bill have the largest Canadian Licensed Producers (LP) imploding.
S Cronos Group Has Bounced Off 52-Week Low With Report Of Much Improved Q1 Financial Results
Cronos Group Inc. announced its Q1 2022 business results for the period ending March 31st, 2022.
S Curaleaf Q1 Financial Metrics DOWN Across The Board: Stock Declined 5.8% Today
While Curaleaf's stock price was unchanged during the first week of May in expectation of a favorable Q1 financial report that did not materialize going DOWN 5.8% today.
S Psychedelic Stocks Continue To Decline In May
The 10 companies in our Psychedelic Compounds-Based Drug Stocks Index are clinical-stage startups still in the product research and development of novel compounds with no products and no revenue.
S All 5 Cannabis Categories Declined During The Week Ending May 6th
The 5 distinct categories that make up the cannabis sector performed quite differently from each other during the first week of May.
Tobacco Stocks Are The Best Way To Invest In The Cannabis Sector
Perhaps one or more of these less volatile and financially sound major tobacco stocks warrant your consideration.
S April Update: Canadian Licensed Cannabis Producers (LPs) Index Went Down 27%
Investors continued to dump their cannabis stocks even further.
S Update: 13 Largest American Marijuana Stocks Plunged 27.5% In April
U.S. federal legalization related to cannabis companies still faces hurdles but state-level momentum is projected to continue this year. Below is the performance in April and YTD of the 13 largest American Multi-State Operators (MSOs).
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