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E Organigram Reports Impressive Q1 Financials - Stock Responds
Organigram Holdings Inc. results for the first quarter ended November 30, 2019, showed impressive improvement in almost all of its numbers from the previous quarter, as follows:
E Cannabis Central: The Sector's 20 Most Shorted Stocks
Many investors do not believe all the hype regarding pot stocks and believe that the industry is overvalued. These are the 20 most shorted cannabis stocks.
E Cannabis Central Looks At The Week That Was - And It Was Ugly
The first week of January (w/e Jan.3rd) saw cannabis stocks up a refreshing 5.1% but this past week cannabis stocks, on average, reverted to their negative ways, declining 5.8%. This article outlines details of this past week's performance..
E Cannabis Central Presents Wednesday's Winners And Losers
It doesn’t take much for penny stocks to fluctuate by double digits so that must be taken into consideration.
E Cannabis Central: What A Difference A Day Makes!
What is most concerning about the data presented is not the extent of the declines yesterday and today but that that has caused the stocks to decline 3.1%, on average, in the last 5 trading days dashing my hopes that a turnaround was in the works.
E Cannabis Central: December Market Performance Sliced & Diced By Category
Every month I analyze the performance of six marijuana categories to unveil the strengths and weaknesses of their components and December saw the returns of those categories range from +10.1% to -15.9% versus +1.0% for the overall marijuana market.
E Cannabis Central: Canadian Securities Exchange Is Home To These 25 Pot Stocks (Part 1)
The CSE provides exposure to 48.6% (155) of the world's cannabis companies. This article (part 1 of 4) list 25 of those companies with each of their trading symbols, market caps, betas and latest market prices with links to their respective web sites
E Cannabis Central: The Week That Was, Was Wonderful But...
Pot stocks declined relentlessly week after week in 2019 - declining 64.6% from their peaks in March/April by the end of the year jumped 4.5%, on average, last week. Hopefully that is the harbinger of a ongoing turnaround in the marijuana space.
E What A Difference A Year Makes! Only 10 Pot Stocks Now Have $1B+ Market Caps
At the height of the cannabis stock frenzy back in March/April there were 17 companies listed on the various stock exchanges with valuations over $1 billion; now, only 10.
E Cannabis Central: These Pot Stocks Rallied Big Time On Tuesday, Dec. 31st
Many cannabis company stocks surged on Tuesday, December 31 which could be a sign that investor confidence is building going into 2020.
E These 15 Marijuana ETFs Declined 2.8% On Average In December
Here's a list of the ETFs with their performances in December and for the latest 6 month period.
E Cannabis Central: Biggest Winners & Losers
Out of 250+ marijuana and marijuana-related stocks listed on the CSE, TSXV, TSX, Nasdaq, NYSE and the NEO only the following 8 stocks saw noteworthy gains and losses on Monday, December 23, 2019. Here's why.
E Will Major Pot Stock Tax-Loss Selling Happen Again This Year?
Pot stock tax-loss selling last year began in earnest on November 7 dropping 40%, on average, by the end of 2018 before increasing by 50% by the end of January, 2019. This article examines the prospect for such a swing in pot stock prices this year.
E Pot Stock Bankruptcy Watch: 2 Down & Many More To Come
Now that financing has dried up for all but a handful of large LPs in Canada, bankruptcies could well become more prevalent in the future.
E Marijuana Stocks Continued To Tank Last Week But These 9 Bucked The Trend
The cannabis sector tanked 5% last week on the heels of a -6% performance the previous week. Only these 4 Canadian LPs and these 5 American MSOs showed positive returns. Here are they are and the reasons for their "outstanding" performances.
E Never Heard Of The NEO Exchange? You're Not Alone
More and more companies have raised capital through the public markets in Canada, leading to the existence of hundreds of publicly-traded cannabis stocks - and a relatively new stock exchange.
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