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BUD Declined Dramatically In May And Again Last Week
The Conservative "Cannabis" Stock Index declined in May with its Anheuser-Busch InBev constituent declining by 18%. Here's why that happened.
5 Largest Cannabis LPs Continue To Go Down, Down, Down
The downward trend in the stock prices of the 5 largest Canadian cannabis licensed producers continued last week and they are now down 42.9% YTD, on average.
These 12 AI-Related Stocks Went Up 21% In May; Now Up 42% YTD
Of the 21 high-performing and AI-related stocks we've identified, yesterday we discussed the top 9. Here, with a far-from-shabby average 21% gain in May, are the other 12.
These 9 Artificial Intelligence Stocks Went Parabolic (+50%, On Average) In May
According to Wikipedia, "going parabolic" is when stocks go up very fast, increasing exponentially month after month. That is exactly what the 21 AI stocks I'm following have done so far in 2023.
Summary Of 6 Conservative "Cannabis" Stock Performances In May
If you are reluctant to invest directly in either Canadian (-43.7% YTD) or American (-18.9% YTD) cannabis stocks then consider investing in those companies that have major financial investments in them.
May Summary Of Largest American Cannabis MSO Stock Performances
The American Cannabis MSOs Index was down 0.9% in May and is now down 18.9% YTD.
May Summary Of Largest Psychedelic Compound-Based Drug Stock Performances
Only two of the seven largest psychedelic compound-based drug stocks tracked, advanced in May.
Largest Canadian Cannabis LP Stocks Down 22% In May
LP stocks continue to decline month after month. May was no exception with all the largest LPs down.
Largest Plant-Based Food Stocks Down 29.5% In May
There are now only two pure-play plant-based food stocks with market caps in excess of $100M.
Largest Canadian Cannabis Companies Collapsed 16%, On Average, This Week
Tilray's stock price dropped precipitously on Friday and, given the dismal consumer sentiment regarding Canadian cannabis (LP) stocks, so did just some of their big "vice" partners.
Cresco Labs Stock Jumps 23% On Q1 Financial Report
Cresco's branded products reached the shelves of 1,600 dispensaries across its 10-state wholesale footprint and its Sunnyside dispensaries rang up almost 1.2 million orders during Q1, 2023.
Six Ways A U.S Debt Default Could Negatively Affect You
If the U.S. defaults on its debt it will adversely affect everybody one way or another whether you are currently employed, a welfare recipient, a stock or bond investor, a homeowner.
The 5 Largest Canadian Cannabis LPs Are All Down YTD
Even Tilray, the best performing Canadian Cannabis LP YTD, is down 10%.
Only 1 Major Cannabis MSO Is Up YTD
The seven constituents in the American Cannabis MSOs Index are DOWN 22.7% YTD, on average, with only one up YTD.
The Rise Of The American Debt Ceiling
In January, the $31.4 trillion debt limit—the amount of debt the U.S. government can hold—was reached.
Cannabis MSOs Remain Volatile: +12% Last Week; -14% So Far This Week
After rising the previous two weeks, the American multi-state operators (MSOs) have taken back their gains - and more.
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