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AI-Powered Drug Discovery Stocks Portfolio Up 14% MTD; Still Down 30% YTD
To capitalize on the transition to more AI-focused drug development investors need to understand the drug development process and the financial health and market potential of those companies under consideration.
American Cannabis MSO Portfolio Went UP 5% Last Week; Now +16% YTD
Despite the fact that all the constituents in the American Cannabis MSO Portfolio are faring poorly in 4 key financial metrics expressed as a % of net revenue the Portfolio was up 5.2% last week and is up 15.9% YTD and this article has the details.
Canadian Cannabis LP Portfolio Popped 11% Last Week; Now +18% YTD
The munKNEE Canadian Cannabis LP Portfolio is UP 17.5% YTD - and UP 10.7% last week - despite the fact that all its constituents are faring poorly in 4 key financial metrics expressed as a % of net revenue.
Micro/Small Cap AI Stocks Portfolio Jumped 13.5% Last Week
Our Micro/Small Cap AI Stocks Portfolio, with 10 constituents, continued its upward climb last week going up another 13.5% so far in July after gaining 10% in June and 18% in May.
Pure-Play Quantum Computing Stocks Portfolio UP 13% Last Week
The better the computing power, and the more data, the better a semiconductor will perform and, as such, the race is on for companies to radically upgrade the computing power of their models. That's where "quantum computing" comes in.
Clinical-Stage BioTech Drug Stocks Jumped 10% Last Week; UP 13% MTD
The 10 clinical-stage AI-focused and psychedelic compound-based drug discovery companies in our Clinical-Stage BioTech Drug Stocks Portfolio are UP 12.8% MTD after having gone DOWN 13.2%, on average, in June and are now UP 13.8%, on average, YTD.
Canadian Cannabis LPs Doubled Performance Of American MSOs This Week
The cannabis sector is extremely volatile with knee-jerk reactions in prices to any news so hopefully the information in this article will help our readers make informed decisions.
All But 1 Of 6 Semiconductor Segments Outperformed The Nasdaq This Week
On average, our portfolio's 6 segments went up 0.5% this week compared to a 0.3% increase in the Nasdaq and are now up 38.6% YTD, vs. the Nasdaq, which is "only" up 23.9% YTD. 
A Comparative Analysis Of The 12 Largest Cannabis Companies Puts Green Thumb #1
This article compares the Gross Profit margin; Selling General and Administration expenses; adjusted Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization and Net Profit Margin as a % of a Net Revenue of the 12 largest cannabis companies.
Our +$1T Mega Cap AI Portfolio Went UP 5.4% Last Week; Now Up 38.5% YTD
This article highlights the outperformance of the 6 AI stocks with market capitalizations in excess of $1 Trillion with their performances last week, and YTD, their market capitalizations,  and any pertinent news, analyses or commentary on them.
4 Of 6 Semiconductor Portfolios Outperformed The Nasdaq This Week
Understanding the semiconductor value chain is crucial for anyone interested in technology and its impact on the global economy and I hope some of the information in this article will accomplished that.
A Review Of How Our 11 Semiconductor And AI Portfolios Performed In June
This article summaries the 6 articles I posted this past week on each of 6 semiconductor value chain segments and 5 other articles covering other semiconductor categories and AI sectors.
Pure-Play Semiconductor Assembly, Test And Packaging Portfolio Up 17% In June; Now Up 20.5% YTD
On average the portfolio was up 16.6% in June and is now up 20.5% YTD.
Pure-Play Fabless Semiconductor Stocks Up 14%, On Average, In June; Now Up 39% YTD
The fabless semiconductor companies category is one of the 5 segments in the semiconductor value chain and this article highlights how its pure-play constituents performed in June and YTD.
Pure-Play Semiconductor Supplier Stocks Up 10% In June; Now Up 36% YTD
A pure-play semiconductor equipment and materials supplier provides essential equipment for manufacturing semiconductors exclusively to that segment and there are only 5 such suppliers trading on U.S. stock exchanges.
Pure-Play Semiconductor Foundries Portfolio Went Up 14% In June; Now Up 34% YTD
There are only 4 pure-play semiconductor foundries trading on U.S. stock exchanges and they are outlined in this article as to their stock performances in June, and YTD along with their current market capitalizations and market shares:
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