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Mixed Signals From ECB Officials
There hasn’t been much activity in Monday trade thus far. Stocks and currencies are mostly sideways and there’s a risk that things will continue to be like this ahead of this week’s Fed decision.
The Magic Trick Is Still Working
What’s most interesting about financial markets as the week gets set to close out is the fact that there really has been no negative response to this week’s inflation reads.
Euro, Pound Hit On Domestic Factors
The Dollar is broadly bid as we head into the North American open on Tuesday. The moves haven’t been anything special, but there has been a clear move into the Buck.
Yellen Updating The Inflation Narrative
Things haven’t exactly been all that exciting this week. On Monday, stocks were mixed and volumes were lower in a calendar light day.
Soft Jobs Report? No Problem
We come into the new week with the US Dollar right back under pressure, this time from yet another discouraging payrolls print.
Bitcoin Finally Into Overdue Correction Phase
What is happening with Bitcoin?
UK And US Out For Long Weekend Holidays
Trading conditions are going to be exceptionally thin this Monday on account of the holiday closures in the UK and US.
Watch Out For The Month End Flow
US equities were in demand on Thursday after US initial jobless claims dropped to a pandemic low.
Plenty Of First Tier US Data On Thursday's Docket
A wave of US Dollar selling came to a halt on Wednesday, though as far as catalysts go, there wasn’t really much to grab at.
RBNZ Getting Ahead Of Fed
The New Zealand Dollar is on the move in early Wednesday trade, with the currency taking off after the RBNZ surprised with a more upbeat outlook and projections showing a potential rate hike in 2022.
Euro On The Move
The Euro is on the move on this Tuesday, taking out buy-stops and trading up to its highest levels since early January. Fed officials continue with their aggressive campaign against the threat of rising inflation.
Fed Winning The Communication Battle
There aren’t any major updates into Tuesday after a rather uneventful Monday session of trade.
When All Talk No Action Is Good
All of the worries around talk of even talking about a taper, that was revealed in the Fed Minutes from earlier this week, is now apparently a thing of the past.
Trying To Figure Out The Fed
All of the US Dollar buying in the aftermath of the Fed Minutes revelation that the central bank could start talking about a taper later on down the road has stalled out and even reversed course on Thursday.
Market Rattled By Mention Of Taper
We’ve seen across the board renewed Dollar demand and downside pressure on stocks after the Fed Minutes revealed it might be appropriate at some point in upcoming meetings to start discussing tapering.
US Dollar Outlook And Fed Minutes
We’re back to seeing a bit of that interesting price action where things don’t exactly add up out there.
1 to 16 of 556 Posts
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