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Markets Under Pressure Despite Reassurances
The tone in markets continues to be risk-off in nature this week, despite attempts from the Fed Chair and Treasury Secretary to downplay investor fears.
Waiting For Clarity On Brexit Deal
Most of the news into Thursday is around the reports of a Brexit deal finally arriving and the market will be wanting to see how things playout for the remainder of the day.
Keep Shrugging Off The Downside Risk
A much different feel in markets on Tuesday, with risk assets holding onto and even extending gains in the aftermath of Monday’s dramatic comeback.
Feeling Good About Vaccine Updates
There is a new wave of optimism around the timeline for coronavirus vaccine distribution, which has helped to give risk assets a little bump as the week gets going. Stocks are higher and the US Dollar lower as a consequence.
Round And Round We Go
The pendulum hasn’t stopped swinging back and forth and the outcome of the US election has yet to be determined.
Global Markets Fixated On US Election Result
Wild swings were to be expected, with the results of the US election coming in.
US Election Day Has Arrived
​US election day has finally arrived and this is what will consume markets over the next several sessions.
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