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China Remains Committed To Stimulus Efforts
China remains committed to stimulus efforts to offset fallout from the coronavirus and has come out with its latest gesture, cutting the 1-year medium-term lending rate by 10 basis points.
Record Shares And A Slumping Euro
The coronavirus has been the central theme in markets and will continue to be into the weekend.
Virus Worry Creeps In
It’s been quite the turnaround since markets closed in the US on Wednesday. Into the Wednesday close, stocks were doing their thing, pushing to fresh record highs.
These Markets Are On Fire!
US equities continue to run higher into record territory and risk assets have been well supported overall. Though there is still concern around coronavirus fallout, it seems investors are feeling better about reports that the outbreak is peaking.
Another Record Run For US Stocks
The big story into Tuesday has been the slowdown in the number of coronavirus cases reported, which has helped to fuel US equities to yet another record high.
Dollar Strength The US Administration Won't Be Happy About
Into Tuesday, there has been some more relief around fallout from the coronavirus, with the number of new cases reported dropping to its lowest level since February 1st.


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FOMC Decision Preview
19 days ago

Hi Bruce - It's not that we don't think the coronavirus is having a negative impact. It's more that we don't believe the negative impact will be to the extent that it demands a reaction from monetary policy. Hope that makes sense. Thank you for reaching out.

Still Waiting On The Fed Chair
7 months ago

Those won't be here, but if you are subscribed to this feed, you will be getting two calls a day, along with special reports (usually one per week around a major event) and some technical overviews of major FX markets (these are updated based on the need to do if markets are just consolidating, no change to the commentary, so no need for new technical updates). Thanks for taking the research in. Glad you're making use of it.

Still Waiting On The Fed Chair
7 months ago

Thank you. Please refer to our daily pdf report offering a little more in the way of country specific color.

Powell Offers His Reassurances To Investors
7 months ago

We believe we're in a very dangerous place right now, where the Fed needs to be more worried about financial stability risk associated with a strategy that continues to direct investors into a stock market that has flown way to high on borrowed wings. A capitulation in stocks has been overdue and should be a healthy, yet painful step, in finally moving on from a crisis that started over a decade ago.

As far as the US administration goes, it's interesting. The US administration has been committed to a trade policy that should pressure the US Dollar lower, not higher. This strategy is therefore aligned with a loose form of monetary policy, which means the more the administration pushes to disrupt on the trade front, in an effort to rebalance the US economy, the more it pressures the Fed to do exactly what it wants - which is to continue to see a Fed that errs on the side of rate cuts and accommodation (ie equals soft Dollar).

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