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What's Next For The US Dollar?
We haven’t seen a whole lot of movement in the currency market of late, and what we have seen, has been mostly a choppy consolidation.
Loose Policy Still Propping Stocks
We come into the new week with currencies still mostly sideways and unsure of their next big move against the Buck.
Different Markets, Different Reads
Though stocks haven’t participated, markets have been feeling the risk off pains, with safe haven currencies outperforming.
Currencies Are Nervous, Stocks Don't Care
We come into Thursday with risk correlated FX under pressure, clearly feeling the stress associated with renewed uncertainty around the US-China trade deal outlook.
Across The Board Signs Of Stress
Some very clear risk-off price action in markets on Wednesday. These days, when talking risk-off, it hasn’t usually meant all of the stars necessarily aligning.
President Trump Sours Trade Deal Outlook
The market is back to worrying about the global trade outlook, in the aftermath of President Trump’s latest communication on the matter.


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Still Waiting On The Fed Chair
4 months ago

Those won't be here, but if you are subscribed to this feed, you will be getting two calls a day, along with special reports (usually one per week around a major event) and some technical overviews of major FX markets (these are updated based on the need to do if markets are just consolidating, no change to the commentary, so no need for new technical updates). Thanks for taking the research in. Glad you're making use of it.

Still Waiting On The Fed Chair
4 months ago

Thank you. Please refer to our daily pdf report offering a little more in the way of country specific color.

Powell Offers His Reassurances To Investors
4 months ago

We believe we're in a very dangerous place right now, where the Fed needs to be more worried about financial stability risk associated with a strategy that continues to direct investors into a stock market that has flown way to high on borrowed wings. A capitulation in stocks has been overdue and should be a healthy, yet painful step, in finally moving on from a crisis that started over a decade ago.

As far as the US administration goes, it's interesting. The US administration has been committed to a trade policy that should pressure the US Dollar lower, not higher. This strategy is therefore aligned with a loose form of monetary policy, which means the more the administration pushes to disrupt on the trade front, in an effort to rebalance the US economy, the more it pressures the Fed to do exactly what it wants - which is to continue to see a Fed that errs on the side of rate cuts and accommodation (ie equals soft Dollar).

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