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US Yields Continue To Climb
Things have been rather dull to start the week. We had seen some mild demand for US equity futures early on, before the market decided it may have run a little too far and fast, especially with US yields continuing to push higher.
Euro Underperforms On German Election Result
It’s a risk on feel to start the week, though the price action has been mild thus far. US equity futures are tracking a little higher and the US Dollar a little lower overall.
A Prettier Picture Into The Weekend
Well…the latter half of the week has been all about wiping away all of the fear and uncertainty that we had seen in the initial sessions this week.
BOE Decision Preview
The Bank of England will take its turn on Thursday, with the central bank set to make its latest policy decision. The bottom line here is that no change is expected to policy.
Fed Decision Preview - Wednesday, Sept. 22
Later today the Fed will be out with its highly-anticipated policy decision.
Risk Off Intensifies
It’s been a bit of a bloodbath to start the week. The selloff in US equities that was seen into the end of last week has carried over into Monday.
Ballooning Fed Balance Sheet Ain't Doin It
Last week, we got another update on the Fed balance sheet. Assets rose by $91.5 billion to a booming record of $8.45 trillion.
Where We're At Into The Weekly Close
It seems the Fed has fewer and fewer excuses to avoid tapering and as much as investors don’t want this to be the case, this harsh reality is starting to have an impact on price action.
Buck Holding Up Better Than You'd Think
We haven’t seen much Dollar selling in the aftermath of Tuesday’s soft CPI print and we haven’t seen much demand for stocks either.
Head Scratchers
Well… there definitely have been some interesting developments over the past 24 hours… and the type of interesting that should leave many a trader scratching their head.
US CPI Preview - Tuesday, Sept. 14
There isn’t much in the way of any change since the Tuesday open as we head into North American trade.
US Inflation Data In Focus
Monday was a day of consolidation, for the most part, this after the risk liquidation into the end of last week, and perhaps also ahead of today’s key event risk in the form of US inflation data.
A Gloomy Start To The Week
The Friday slide in US stocks was the 5th consecutive session decline, with weekly setbacks amounting to 1.7%, the largest weekly decline since mid-June.
Central Bank Credibility In Question
Just like the Fed before it, the ECB was out on Thursday talking a dovish game. The bottom line here is there is no end in sight to the ECB balance sheet expansion despite the recalibration of PEPP bond buying.
ECB Decision Recap
The ECB decision has come and gone and in the initial aftermath, the single currency has been bid up in response to the event risk. The key point of focus has been on the news that the central bank has decided to slow the pace of PEPP.
Supply Side Constraints
Investors continue to see evidence of inflation being anything but transitory and there is a growing concern about supply side issues within the economy.
1 to 16 of 650 Posts
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