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Market Waiting On Thursday's US Inflation Reads
We’ve been seeing a lot of sideways price action in markets this week and it seems as though a lot of this could have something to do with the market waiting for more clarity from economic data in the form of tomorrow’s inflation readings.
Gold Is Climbing Again
Things have been mostly quiet on this Wednesday and the economic calendar is exceptionally thin, with no first-tier data to speak of. The most action we’ve seen today was over in the New Zealand Dollar.
All Good Ahead Of US Jobs Report
As we get set to close out the week, we’re looking at markets that keep doing what they’ve been doing. Stocks are well bid just off record highs and the US dollar is under pressure.
Bond Market Not Backing Down
As we head into the new week, the mood is mostly risk off, this after a turnaround in US equities and rally in the US Dollar.
Investors Keep Hanging On The Positives
Currencies have been mostly bid against the US Dollar on Tuesday, though overall, price action has been less directional and more consolidative in nature.
What's Driving Bitcoin In 2020
News around bitcoin has been trending in a big way and it should come as no surprise, with the crypto asset up over 40% over the past month and considering a run of fresh record highs.
Holiday Trading Week Means Thinner Conditions
The big driver of sentiment is around coronavirus updates, which have been positive, both with respect to the timeline of widespread vaccine distribution and the amount of cases.
Not A Lot Of Reason To Be Feeling Great
It hasn’t been as easy for investors to shrug off downside risk of late, with sentiment on the downturn around the globe and financial markets reacting accordingly.
What's Next For The Buck
Everywhere you look, markets are stretched against the Dollar. We’re not talking traditional currencies only.
US Extends Efforts To Stimulate Economy
The Bank of Japan left rates on hold as widely expected, while producing a more dovish tone, and the RBA Minutes were out, also delivering mostly as expected.
Powell Pumps Stocks
As the new week gets going, we’re seeing a clear wave of risk on, with stocks rallying and the US Dollar selling off as investor sentiment picks up.
Gold Versus Stocks
If the market was feeling good about the prospect of the global economy reopening after suffering through an extended period of lockdown from the coronavirus, it seems to be feeling that much better after hearing the latest from Fed Chair Powell.
Investors Feeling Good As Tuesday Gets Going
The market has been looking to find the good news wherever it can, and into Tuesday, that news comes out of California, after it was announced the state will ease lockdown restrictions.
Will Tuesday's Risk On Rally Hold Up?
Tuesday’s rocket move in the US equity market was a big story, though things have cooled down into Wednesday as the market reflects on the latest price action.
Will Stocks Keep Running Into The Weekly Close?
Risk markets are on fire into Friday. US equities have extended the record run yet again and investors are feeling good about a whole bunch of developments.
Outlook Sours Into Wednesday
There have been some hiccups around the phase one trade deal between the US and China, with the news that the US will retain existing tariffs on Chinese goods until after the Presidential election, shaking things up.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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