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Joseph Cox holds a degree in Intellectual History from Univ. of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Financial Analysis.

He is the author of a number of books on related to policy. The City on the ... more


The No Corona Episode
Are you tired of Corona? Do you feel like you're ready to hear about anything else? This is the video for you. In this episode we review the top stories that have nothing to do with Corona.
E The Thing In The Sky - A Coronavirus Story
In case it isn't clear, I am calling for a shutdown of a pre-determined and limited duration (a few weeks) during which capacity should be ramped up as aggressively as possible.
E Coronavirus: The Insanity Is Ending
More and more voices have realized the call for an indefinite shutdown is a call to self-destruction. Covid-19 is here to stay. Let's lay out a plan to move forward with our new reality...
E What Our Leaders Should Be Saying...
I’m not the President, I’m not the Prime Minister. But if I were, this is the speech I would deliver.
E Stop The Corona Insanity - The Data
Only those with symptoms are being tested. We only see the tip of the iceberg...
E I'm A Coronavirus Heretic. Here's Why...
The COVID-19 virus is terrible. It will kill many people and overwhelm our health systems. But what we're doing about it is almost certainly worse. Here's why...


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The No Corona Episode
3 days ago

I can't seem to actually reply to your comment.

The No Corona Episode
3 days ago

Andrew Armstrong WSJ, Jerusalem Post, Telegraph, Forbes,, Tampa Bay Times.

Coronavirus: The Insanity Is Ending
8 days ago

I wish he sounded more realistic.less wishful thinking and more realism.

Coronavirus: The Insanity Is Ending
8 days ago

People in Venezuela do and Brazil and Mexico and El Salvador...

Coronavirus: The Insanity Is Ending
8 days ago

South Sudan has 24 isolation beds and 13 million people. People live in massive slums where nobody has 2 meters of distance. There are cultural challenges to delivering medical aid. There isn't enough help in the world to pull this off. We can only win with a vaccine and that will take time.

Coronavirus: The Insanity Is Ending
8 days ago

It will never work because the second and third world will keep the virus coming back. South America's can't play this game and we can't (or won't) keep them out. Also, I think it strongly overstates deaths because we don't know the extent of infection. Even in italy there is concern they have only identified 1 of 6 cases. We can't stay shut down until there is a vaccine, many many more will die is we do.

Coronavirus: The Insanity Is Ending
10 days ago

Too long a timeline

I'm A Coronavirus Heretic. Here's Why...
12 days ago

Oh, and I'm not in favor of such terminating the old. Yes we have old people who aren't economically productive. But I think that is one of the beautiful things about the wealth of our society - we can care about things beyond survival and economic strength. Of course, we need economic strength and survival to do that - but we can invest in something greater.

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