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Joseph Cox holds a degree in Intellectual History from Univ. of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Financial Analysis.

He is the author of a number of books on related to policy. The City on the ... more


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Torah Post: Korach And Small Miracles
This podcast/write-up talks about the miracle of the flowering staff...
Bamidbar And The Lessons Of War
I know it is very late, but I've attached a highly relevant sermon on the Torah reading of Bamidbar (numbers) and the lessons of war. If you don't have time to listen, you can print the text from the website.
My First Public Speech In Quite A While :)
Corona brings these things to a halt, but this is a speech about Biblical Leprosy (Tzarat) and Israeli Memorial/Independence Day. I did the actual recording of the speech the next morning (the text is also provided).
Economics And The Path Of G-d
In a time of massive change, it is important for us to ask a central question: "What do we want and why do we want it?" In this episode, I use Torah sources to look at one aspect of this: economics
Weekly Torah Talk (Vaeyra)
i do a weekly Torah review, not directly related to markets but y'all might enjoy it.
Roots Of Riots
I’m sure you’ll hear pundits from across the spectrum condemning the rioters and the increasing divisiveness facing the United States. The fact is: what’s going should not be a surprise. I’m not going to blame the Internet or social media.
My Daughter Just Had Her Bat Mitzvah
Naturally, I spoke about corona :)
Hitler, Coronavirus And Getting Back On Our Feet
People do a terrible job of just taking a handout and watching life shuffle by. Religious or not, human beings do not live on bread alone. We must have agency. We must either be creators or destroyers.
Fiction On The Road To Reality
On TalkMarkets I've been focusing on policy writing, but I do a lot more than that!
Latest COVID-19 Charts
Latest charts. I added a zoomed in chart (last 30 days) to give better recent context. My commentary follows...
Updated Coronavirus Charts (Sweden Is Interesting)
Latest charts on coronavirus and brief trend analysis.
Updated Coronavirus Charts
Latest charts... These are seven day averages, but Israel and the US seems to be peaking on new case growth.
Riots, Protests And Racism In 2020
A podcast episode about what is happening in the US - kind of...
How Do You Make A Difference
The TalkMarkets articles have had a lot of readers, how do you take the next step?
The Tapestry Of Michael Jr.
A single mother connects to the past... and the future (not financial/economic)
Growing From Shutdowns...
We changed the rules in medicine, it's time to do the same for our economy...
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