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Joseph Cox holds a degree in Intellectual History from Univ. of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Financial Analysis.

He is the author of a number of books on related to policy. The City on the ... more

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E The People's Currency
Worries about inflation currently dominate the financial news. Inflation is just a devaluation of a currency. While consumer price inflation has been rising, we've been seeing inflation in financial assets - including house prices.
A Golden Bridge For Gaza
Israel’s repeated wars against Hezbollah and Hamas have had two simple goals: constraint and deterrence. Israel wants to constraint their ability to make war and deter them from doing so in the future. The common term for this is “mowing the grass.”
E Things You Can't See From There
In addition to the current bout of war between Israel and Hamas, there is widespread ethnic rioting within Israel itself. There are lessons here for the US.
E The Biggest Misstep Of 2021
The U.S. is using its economic muscle to try to pressure Iran, China, and Russia. However, as with almost all sanctions in modern history (see Cuba), the effect has not resulted in the toppling of governments.
E It's Good To Be A Guinea Pig
Biology is not only incredibly complex, but unpredictable (like economics and other scientific areas that regularly defy modeling). This is why we rely on human trials and not simply computer models.
E Vaccines And Their Impact
The vaccine's success raises the value of lockdowns and other measures.
E Opening Up The Economy, Case By Case
Our societies seem stuck in a no-man's land created by severe economic restrictions. These restrictions are hitting the poor and minorities most of all. Data has suggested that these same groups are most likely to be affected by the virus itself.
E COVID-19 Cases Surge In Israel
Looking at the plans being bandied about to handle the coronavirus explosion in Israel, I see this continued emphasis on bringing infection to a stop. I'm curious whether people think this could actually work at this point.
E US Coronavirus Outlook
I’m reluctant to make corona predictions in no small part because I am not a big believer in macro models. Nonetheless, there is one trend that I think is revealing: states that peaked early have dropped off in their death rates.
E Death, Economics And Coronavirus
This article is an attempt to analyze the current global situation and determine – in more depth than I have before – the path forward for different regions.
COVID-19 Mortality Rates And What It Means
There is another possible reason for the improved corona performance...
COVID-19 And The Limits Of 'Modeling' Science
Corona is a perfect case of large-scale models showing the limits of of 'modeling' science. The CDC's collection of models and their very variance emphasizes this reality.
Changing The Way We Fight Covid-19
Israel was one of the few countries praised for its early coronavirus response and was heralded as an example to follow. But reopening the country has erased most of its early gains. How should the country move forward and can it continue to lead?
E Coronavirus: Let's Move On
In recent weeks, it seems there has been a disturbing trend: an effort to play up coronavirus danger in order to score political points.
E Empowering America
The business of philosophy suffers from a lack of real-world perspective.
E Brutality, Riots And A Way Forward
Sometimes there is a news item that crosses all the barriers. As such, the coronavirus has become central to every discussion, from foreign policy to economics.
1 to 16 of 31 Posts
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