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The Bare Minimum

Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2024 5:09 AM EDT

If you are going to achieve "world peace" by July 5, 2024 here are the "bare minimum facts" that all countries need to know.

  1. The United Nations is going to be converted into a World Federation, which will include a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman (one of which, but not both must come from the North American alliance).
  2. There are going to be "eight alliance groups" recognized by the World Federation who will be responsible for bringing the "primary and secondary essentials" (i.e., food, water, shelter, health, and safety) and the other factors that stir growth (e.g., business growth, energy, education, infrastructure, etc.) to its citizenry--the results of which will be monitored and analyzed annually by nation and by alliance group.
  3. The eight alliance groups that make up the World Federation consist of the following:
  • North American Alliance (North America, United Kingdom, Australia, and some other South Pacific islands);
  • Europe (with Russia included within its domain)
  • China (with Taiwan and Hong Kong)
  • India
  • Other Asia (i.e., Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.)
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • South America

       4.  Every "sovereign nation", including Taiwan, can choose the alliance group they want to belong in, but each nation must belong to an alliance group, keeping in mind how their role may differ between different alliance groups.  The assumption is that nations will align pretty much according to how they fit best within their surrounding neighbors.

      5.  The world federation will have two legislative bodies--a House of Commons and a Senate.  The House of Commons will be based upon population.  The Senate will be based upon "business growth" as determined by the Electronic Global Stock Market Board (EGSB).  With the North American alliance limited to 49.99%.

     6.  The World Federation will also include a "World Court" that will resolve "global issues" between nations and alliances.  For example, all land disputes between countries will be determined by the "World Court".  The "World Court" will have thirteen judges.  Each alliance gets one judge with one exception.  The North American Alliance gets six judges chosen in the following manner:  three from the United States (one from the east coast, one from the west coast and one from middle America), and one from United Kingdom, one from Mexico, and one from the combination of Canada, Australia, and South Pacific islands.

     7.  War between nations is prohibited.  Instead, war is on poverty, hatred, disease, etc.  

     8.  As it is formed, the World Federation will monitor how the "Peace Premium" is dispersed among the alliance groups outside of the North American alliance group from which the initial "peace premium" will come.


The above is the bare minimum you need to know walking into World Peace without feeling duped.  It may seem like a lot, but it really isn't once you put your "big boy glasses on".

If you have any questions, now is the time to raise them.

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Dick Kaplan 2 months ago Member's comment

How can you really achive peace by July?  Unless you meant 2025.  But even that's an uphill battle.

Jim Boswell 2 months ago Author's comment

No, i meant by July 5, 2024.  In fact, i would be happy with a May or early June 2024-date.  The only difference between today and next year will be the fact that we will be living "world peace" next year.  

ps. Hamas will not decide "world peace" for the world.  Things just don't work that way anymore.

Adam Reynolds 2 months ago Member's comment

Maybe not.  But places like Iran and Russia can determine if there is world peace or not.  Both regularly try to destabalize other countries.

Ayelet Wolf 2 months ago Member's comment

Actually, these terror groups can and do cause all sorts of havoc beyond the Middle East.  Other nations have caught them trying to commit terror attacks... you only need one to get through, to cause turmoil.

Leslie Miriam 2 months ago Member's comment

Governments like Hamas will never give up their wars.  Genocide is part of their charter - it is their sole purpose for existing. They will never willingly stop killing Jews and Christians, or Westerners.  The only way to bring about peace is to root them out, which requires war.  A very long, drawnout war since they are so completely embedded within the civilian population.  And frankly, the world doesn't have the stomach for a war like that.  Which means we are stuck with the homicidal maniacs that live on planet Earth.