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Steps to Get to 99,9%

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 4:39 AM EDT

Okay, the goal is to get 99.9% of American's to move away from Trumpism-Fascism.  Here is how i think you should do it.

Right now, you are at about 70%.

With a very well run Impeachment process with a "guilty" plea and at least 17 republican senator votes you will get another 10 15%, still leaving some pain in the asses.

So, how do we get the rest?  No matter, what you do to Trump as a civilian, some will still believe it is all part of the show that they have lost for the time being.

There is only one-way to get the rest.  Globanomics

Telling people that the United States is the world's leading country in the world, controlling essentially 49% of the decision power.  Everyone likes to play on a "winning team" (that is one of the principle assumptions in PERC) and the United States is by far the winning team in Globanomics.

If you cannot get 99,9% of Americans to by into Globanomics, then you have a real poor salesman.

I understand timing issues, but i will leave that for you to decide.

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Frank J. Williams 4 months ago Member's comment

Sadly, it does not look like you will get 17 Republicans to support impeachment. The Rand Paul "practice vote" showed us that. And more and more GOP'ers are now kowtowing to Trump once again.

During the heat of the moment, when the politicians were afraid for their lives at the Capital Building, I think they realized that Trump was dangerous and had gone too far. Now that the initial fear has subsided, they have realized that Trump has won over too many Republican voters, and they will vote for whomever Trump says. Now their only fear is keeping their job so they will rally to support Trump.

Jim Boswell 4 months ago Author's comment

I guess then that leaves "globanomics" to do it all. Pitiful.

I do understand that the implementation of "globanomics" does take time, but i do not understand why it is being kept a secret from the public. It no longer seems to be a secret to China. I tried my best this past week to contact the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, The Atlantic, etc. etc. etc., but received no response.

I think i am going to order the book "Nation of Sheep". I read a review this morning and it sounds to me like it talks about the U.S. public's total lack of knowledge of foreign policy and affairs. I think it is time to enlighten our voting public--including Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.