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Let's Play War

Date: Friday, April 19, 2024 6:50 AM EDT

Again, where are the peacemaker speakers?  They sure do not populate the news organizations.  


We are hours away from world peace and all i hear the pundits talk about is how important it is for us to building back up our declining military stock.  Look, until we get world peace, i think it would be smart to keep our military defense fully funded.  I won't argue that point.  However, words between countries can be passed quite rapidly these days, so why doesn't everyone just finally come together and sue for world peace.

There is all the justification in the world for world peace.  Both Russia and China will benefit from world peace, but so will the rest of the world, too.  What's wrong with that.  It does not take a genius to understand that world peace is a global pareto optimum.  It just takes someone who understands the principle behind pareto's optimum.


The last time i looked, all countries were populated with human beings--and all countries want things to get better for their human being population.  Well, here is a novel idea.  World peace!  If there is one thing that would make humankind better it would be to irradicate all "military" war between nations.

Think of the monies being spent annually for "weapons of war" throughout the globe.  Think how those same monies could be spent more "productively".  For example, increasing electric power to poor global areas, same with food and other resources.  

World peace is reachable today like it has never been before.

How could there be a higher priority for the Biden Administration?  

Biden has played his hand slowly, but wisely.  And now is the time to go "all in" and see who plays along! 

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Dick Kaplan 1 month ago Member's comment

Some say the best way to ensure peace is to have a strong military.

Jim Boswell 1 month ago Author's comment

We have that in spades.  Now it is time for everyone to disarm--starting with the nuclear bombs.

Dick Kaplan 1 month ago Member's comment

Yes, in an ideal world that would work. But we don't live in an ideal world.  How could we trust the likes of Putin or Kim Jong Un to abide by such agreements?

Angry Old Lady 1 month ago Member's comment

True. And the "mutually assured destruction" which kept a nuclear war at bay during the cold war no longer applies.  That might give Putin pause.  But what about the psycho leaders of North Korea or Iran?  They may not care.  Even Trump is nutty enough to go that far.

Jim Boswell 1 month ago Author's comment

We all know that no one will win a nuclear war.  Period.  Yet there are a couple of things that i know that you may not--starting with the fact that the current nuclear capabilities of China, North Korea, and Iran are essentially zilch--all of their weapons could be taken out any time we choose.

It's Russia that has the arsenal that you have to worry about, but even that is now in question based upon previously unknown capabilities.

So essentially, that is where we stand with the "four bad" guys.  Of the four all you need to do is make friends with the one who has most to gain--and that is China.  And that is in the best interest of China, too.