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Just Listened to the President Emeritus

Date: Monday, August 28, 2023 5:57 AM EDT

I don't know about you, but i would think that the President Emeritus of the Council of Foreign Relations would have a better understanding of the current world dynamics, but he talks like he has no f------ clue.


I could be wrong, but either Richard Haas is stupid or i am stupid.  One or the other.  


First of all, we don't care whether Russia is led by Putin or not.  Putin is not a concern.  Nor is China and Xi Jinping.  

Haas doesn't get it.  China really is in trouble and the only thing that can help get them out of their trouble is the United States.  And that is why the Commerce Secretary is over talking to them now.  It's part of the "world peace" initiative, which no one, including the esteemed president emeritus of the council on foreign relations has a clue.

And why has the big Ukrainian push not been as big as we all thought it would.  Well, maybe it was to save Ukrainian lives until the peace negotiations are finalized in the next few months.  Why do a major push now, if peace is just down the road.  If peace does not come, then NATO can gear up to finish the job next year.  Why has not the President Emeritus given some thought to that scenario?

I'll tell you why!   The President Emeritus has never given any thought to "world peace".

And i would say that is a shame.


ps.  i am willing to take one-dollar bets that i have a better handle on things than does the Emeritus President.  Any takers?


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Alexa Graham 8 months ago Member's comment

I did not hear what Richard Haas had to say.  Care to share?

Jim Boswell 8 months ago Author's comment

He talks as though everyone is waiting until after 2024--for what then is anyone's guess.  My feeling is this December 1, 2023 provides a "fork in the road".  Does China and Russia want to go it alone or do they want to join the free world of commerce.  It's their choice.  I just think that decision is being forced upon Russia and China now--much sooner than later.

As far as commenting to the other fellow.  I would ask this one question.  Would you let Putin stay in charge for "World Peace"?  Because I would.  Putin is far better than the guy whose plane fell out of the sky a few days ago.

Dick Kaplan 8 months ago Member's comment

I would say that there is a critical flaw in your rationale - Countries like China and Russia do not have to go it alone - besides helping each other, there are plenty of "evil" countries that have no quams about working with either of those countries.  There are plenty like Israel and India which, due to economic or strategic realties, are forced to work with Russia.  And there are many countries that even though they may publicly spurn Russia, will secretly buy grain, erergy, or other necessities on the cheap from them.

Jim Boswell 8 months ago Author's comment

I'll take the "free world's 90% of the world's economy" against Russia/China/Allies 10% of the world's economy" every day of the week.  And that is the "critical flaw" in your thinking, not rationale.

Craig Newman 8 months ago Member's comment

How can you say it doesn't matter who rules Russia?  Putin is a despot and villain who has dragged his country into an unwinnable war.