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How Much Longer Must This Go On?

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2024 6:26 AM EDT

If this was 1945, all the warring would be over, so how much longer must this tit for tat keep going on?  The only option left other than "world peace" is "nuclear war".  Think on that, then make your choice.


I understand that Blinken talked with the G7 members yesterday.  He needs to talk with his Chinese counterpart today.


The authoritarian states can try to postpone their decision process until after the November election in the United States, but that will only put them in a bigger hole than the one they are in now.  Any sign by any country, trying to interfere or influence the U.S. election, will be met with long term economic sanctions (including shifting economic resources away from those countries).

Look.  We have spent the last 80-years trying to get to the place that we are today.  It didn't just happen overnight.  But the thing is this: we are where we are today because the United States never took its foot off the accelerator during the past eighty-years.  And through that effort, the United States has become the "only superpower" in the world.

Lucky for the world it is the United States.  And lucky for the world "el trumpo" is not the President of the United States.


What about Mike Johnson!  His recent conversion is enlightening.  He must have paid attention to the military briefings that only the top people in Congress get to experience.  

What did those briefings tell him?  They told him that we could protect Ukraine from Russia like we protected Israel from Iran.  Thus raising the question, why are we holding up funds to Ukraine?  Even a trip down to Mari-largess didn't sway good old Mike.  He actually looks like he may belong in the chair he is holding.


Look, i know that we don't have to "rush into world peace", but on the other hand, why not?  We can go the long, slow diplomatic approach, working every single detail out before anyone even mentions world peace, but that seems stupid at this point in time.

The first move toward world peace is to call all the world's fleet ballistic missile submarines into port.  Such a move could be easily coordinated and is easily verifiable.  And such a move could be completed and verified within "one week".  That is not the final step by any means but think what kind of message that would send to the entire world.  That move, by itself, would tell the world that we are serious about world peace and nuclear disarmament.  After that, it is just a matter of disarming all the nuclear weapons in the world.

Choose your date and make it so, then call it World Peace Day.  Don't wait too long though.  Anything past July 5, 2024 would reflect incompetence throughout the highest realms of our Government.


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Adam Reynolds 1 month ago Member's comment

What do you mean if this were 1945 the warring would be over?  WWII lasted 6 years!  And we're far from a world war.  Just Ukraine/Russia and Israel/Hamas.

Jim Boswell 1 month ago Author's comment

And who the fuck do you think is going to win the two wars that you mentioned above?  And when those wars are over what else is there to defend.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed which nation had military superiority.  Similarly, Iran's 300 missile/drone attack showed which nation has military superiority today.

I am really disappointed in you Adam.  I expect better from you.  It tells me that you have not been keeping up with what i have been trying to tell you.  Either that or you have been listening too much to Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Comments like yours tell me that globanomics is dead in the water.