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Explaining My Obsession Regarding Trump

Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2022 9:44 AM EST

I am a 75-year old white male, who grew up in a small town (pop. 1500) in Indiana.  I spent most of my youth bumbling around like young kids do in the boonies and farming lands of the Midwest.  My life changed because of the Vietnam War.  I graduated from undergraduate school in 1969 at the peak of the Vietnam conflict.  I was anti-war and my senior year of college i explored different ways to avoid going to Vietnam.  I applied to the Peace Corp and the Navy's OCS program.  I was accepted by both.  

But the thing is this.  The Navy flew me to Washington to interview for Admiral Rickover's nuclear submarine program.  God only knows why i was offered the opportunity to "volunteer for the nuclear submarine force."  For different reasons, i chose this route in lieu of going to the Peace Corps (primarily because the Peace Corps was only a deferment--i could still have been drafted after that service.)

Anyway, to make a long story short.  The things i did and the things i did while serving on one of the United States fleet ballistic missiles submarines changed me forever.  Imagine some green naive kid from Indiana being given the responsibility for the entire ship's operations (16-multi-warhead missiles in tow) at the age of 25.  A young anti-war boy/man--having to give the order to man "battlestations missile" during test exercises that you did not know were tests until messages sent were decoded.

I left the Navy as soon as i could after serving my four-year obligation.  The Navy experience opened doors for me that would not have opened without having done my time.  During the short ten-year period after my Navy experience, I earned both M.P.A. and M.B.A. from two schools that are known to be at the top of their disciplines (i.e., Indiana University for my M.P.A. and University of Pennsylvania for my M.B.A.).  In between the two schools i worked as a budget analyst at the Department of Energy's basic energy sciences program during the "first energy crisis" (1977-1981).  In that job i not only found myself around some of the best scientists in the world i was able to travel to most of this nation's top laboratories (e.g., Oak Ridge, Lawrence Livermore Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Stanford, Fermi lab, Brookhaven, etc.).

Anyway, i think you might be getting the picture.  I have spent my entire life trying to build off those earlier experiences, which lead me to develop my theory and concept for "globanomics" and a new "world federation."  

So, okay.  Why be so obsessed with Trump?

Because of one thing!  Globanomics and Trump are one-hundred-eighty degree opposites.  You cannot have Trump with Globanomics.  And you cannot have Globanomics with Trump.  Period.  Now here is how explained the historical development of Globanomics in the preface section of my book Globanomics.  I think from that my followers will understand my Trump obsession better.


Back in the year 2000, I was 52 years old when I decided to quit my work in D.C. and move back to my little hometown of Culver, Indiana where I wanted to live the last half of my life differently than the first half of my life.  That meant I was giving up on my M.P.A. and M.B.A. degrees.  Instead, I decided I wanted to become a writer.

I wrote my first novel, The Sower's Seeds, the first year I was back in Culver.  I self-published the book as a paper back with a couple of friends that I had at the time.  I amateurishly hustled the shit out of that book, contacting literary agencies, going around local bookstores, book signings, etc., without gaining absolutely any public recognition for the book.  That did not deter me; I sent The Sower’s Seeds to the Pulitzer Committee for their consideration just the same.  Despite my Wharton M.B.A., I was naive and never very good in marketing.  

I wrote my second novel, Champion Standing, between 2001-2003.  I decided at the time that I would publish it only if I could get an agent to help with the publishing.  I never found one, so I let Champion Standing sit solely and lonely on my computer.  I finally ended up self-publishing the book in or around 2018 using Amazon.  Both of the above books are excellent literary works of fiction.

I wrote several short stories, essays, and poems while I lived in Culver between 2000 and 2010, but I did little with them.

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, that stirred my interest away from fiction writing to non-fiction writing.  I wrote Crush Depth Alert, subtitled Solution's for Supplying Power to America's Stressed Financial Systems, and self-published it through my two old friends again in 2010.  I also wrote several articles for different organizations, but primarily for Business Insider, during this time, too.

After the financial crisis period, I took a break.  Then in 2017 Talkmarkets contacted me and asked me if I would be interested writing articles for them.  I thought about it, thinking at the time that I would do so if I could push my concept of Globanomics in the process.  I wrote several articles for Talkmarkets, while at the same time, self-publishing Before Monarchs Flap Their Wings and Champion Standing, both works I had actually written more than ten or fifteen years before.  I also wrote a new piece of work, The Cold War Submariner (1969 – 1973), that I self-published last year.

About the time the election of 2020 was rolling around, I discovered "posting" or “blogging” in Talkmarkets.  This posting vehicle gave me a place where I could write my thoughts and ideas down without editorial review or approval.  So, for the last year that is where I have done most of my writing—through my posts.  My "post audience" consists of about 3-4 loyal followers, not hundreds, thousands, or millions, and yet that is where I am documenting my latest and best work.  Although now, I intend to drop the blogging as I write this book, called, Globanomics.


Having had the opportunity in my youth to play “nuclear war games”, It became important to me that I did all I could to see that such games were not carried out for real.  I grew up knowing the advantages that I had been given by being born and raised in the United States.  It was intuitively obvious to me, and I always thought that the United States should lead the world into some form of World Federation where all nations work together for everyone’s common good.  As good as that might sound, it always felt more like a pipedream than anything else.

Then, as part of my professional development, I was given the task to manage the “risk” associated with a large portfolio of mortgage-backed securities owned by the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae).  It was in this job that a colleague and I developed what we have come to call the Performance Evaluation Report Card (PERC) methodology.  I knew, even while we were developing the risk system for Ginnie Mae to evaluate the condition of different loan portfolios, that I could apply the same techniques to evaluate nations.

After I retired from my professional career in 2000, as part of my new writing career, I wrote The Love of Economics, The Economics of Love in 2006.  I had been performing some analysis in relation to old professional business work when I came up with the idea for that short story, which was published by Swift Economics in 2010, in my book, Before Monarchs Flap Their Wings, and subsequently after that in Mobius, The Journal of Change (June 2019).  In addition to the Economics of Love, in 2010, I came up with the outline principles and concept for Globanomics and published them separately in Swift Economics and Business Insider.

Globanomics at this point was still just something that I had thrown “on the wall” to see if it “would stick”, but not much more than that.  As time passed, however, I started seeing new opportunities for globanomics.  By the time President Obama had completed his second term, I started thinking that I should start trying to push globanomics up the food change.  I thought a Hilary Clinton presidency would be quite interested in implementing something like globanomics, but when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States in 2016, that shut down globanomics at the same time.  Globanomics and Donald Trump do not go together.  The two are like oil and water—they do not mix.  You can have one or the other, but not both.  Globanomics is a discipline founded on the principles of Democracy, not Authoritarianism.  Neither is globanomics a “my country first” philosophy.  Globanomics is a “my world first” philosophy, assuming national participation works with the same commonly accepted principles.

So globanomics was put back on the shelf during the U.S. Presidency of Donald J. Trump.  But last year, about a month before the 2020 U.S. national election, I decided to start giving globanomics a push again, thinking that Biden’s democratic beliefs would win over Trump’s authoritarian beliefs.  About this same time, I learned that I could “post” or “blog” things on TalkMarkets without going through any editorial review or critique.  Using this blog vehicle, I was able to start expanding upon my concept of globanomics and presenting those ideas to a small collection of followers who would respond occasionally to my wonderings.

For better or worse, much of what you will read in this book comes from my TalkMarkets’ blogs of 2021.  In the past year, globanomics has grown from just some “wimpy idea” by an estranged writer to something that is truly “viable” for a world that could operate in a more loving and understanding manner.


And with that said i hope my followers understand better my Trump obsession and why i let it spill over into my Talkmarkets' blogs.

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Jason Green 3 months ago Member's comment

Trump needs to go down for at least one of his numerous crimes. He is a menace to society and a danger to our democracy.

Dan Richards 3 months ago Member's comment

Thank you for your service.

Samantha Carter 3 months ago Member's comment

Whether you love him or hate him, everyone is obsessed with Trump these days.