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Even a Better Idea

Date: Monday, June 27, 2022 8:43 AM EST

I have come across even a better idea.  Why don't the Democrats change their name right now.  Make it so the Jefferson Party is running against the Republican Party.  That would change people's perspectives.

I do not quite understand why i did not think of this first, i had always have thought the Republicans were going to have to change their name, forcing the democrats to do the same--but the other way around is even better.  The Republicans, as they are right now, don't stand for anything.  Let the democrats stand up for Jeffersonian freedoms.

I also wondered why I left this new thought process for my followers.  It makes me wonder what my followers are thinking.

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Dan Richards 5 months ago Member's comment

It wouldn't matter if Biden were still the candidate. People simply don't like him.  And though many of the country's problems are not his fault, as president it is ultimately his responsiblity.

Texan Hunter 4 months ago Member's comment

Agreed. It doesn't matter what the party is called.  When people see Biden is the one running, they will vote against him.

Trump In 2024 5 months ago Member's comment

Here is why Trump will win, no matter who runs agains thim in 2024:

"More than 1 million voters switch to GOP in warning for Dems"

Adam Reynolds 5 months ago Member's comment

"Here is why Trump will win, no matter who runs agains thim in 2024?" That article was before the January 6th hearings which were incredibly damaging to Trump and the GOP as a whole. And before all these recent Supreme Court rulings which are so upsetting to so many. I expect the GOP will find they have far fewer votes than they expect...

Most Americans want more gun laws. Most Americans want accountability for Jan 6th. Most Americans want legal abortions.  Most Americans want same sex marriage (which the GOP is probably going after next).

Dick Kaplan 5 months ago Member's comment

I'd have to agree that the GOP is become increasingly extreme in it's views, which are only suppored by a small minority.  They have become completely out of touch with most Americans.

Most Americans had been willing to overlook these extremist views in favor of a better economy and fewer Covid restrictions. But that was also before they saw the far reaching impact the GOP has exerted in stripping away their indivudal rights.