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XAUUSD Daily Pip Range - One Of The Most Volatile Pairs
3 years ago

You are welcome.

This pair is really fast and very often peolle enter into trade expecting to gain quick and large profit where they end losing a lot.

EUR/USD Weekly Forecast April 27– May 1
4 years ago

I have heard about some people drinking disinfection fluid after he discussed with doctor the virus topic. That is not good thing to do. Public people should know about their presence on TV that their words could affect many people watching them.

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EUR/USD Daily Outlook – Tuesday, April 28
4 years ago

Pinbar is a candle formation that looks like on the chart above next to word "Pinbar".

It has long wick(or shadow) on one side and small wick(or shadow) on other side.

Where is smaller wick on that side you have small body.

Body represents the area between open and close price of the observed time frame. In case on the image above that is in 4 hour time frame.

On the side where is long wick like on the bullish Pinbar, you can interpret market condition like this:

Many sellers have exit from their trade to take profit out. Simultaneously buyers have enter into the trade and pushed the price up.

But, as there are many sellers they did not allow price to close to high which make a small body.

The 4 hour time frame ended with candle that represents that buyers were very strong and the price could move up.

It represents a possible reverse in market trend what happened and the price was pushed back.

I hope this helps to understand market candle price action formation. If it is unclear just ask.

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EUR/USD Weekly Forecast April 27– May 1
4 years ago

I think market has included Trump's behaviour and reaction on pandemic. Whatever he says and is not directly connected to industry and economic there will be no big reaction.

We could see larger bounce from the weekly support line because it is really strong level.

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Did Oil Just Give Us A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity?
4 years ago

War never was a good thing so I hope it will not come.

What do you think about food production based on the oil situation because lack of food is even greater problem?

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EUR/USD Weekly Forex Forecast For April 20 – 24, 2020
4 years ago

The charts have similar look because the analysis is done with same tools.

View on the market and making analysis is different from trader to trader.

There are basic rules and tools to make basic ground for further analysis so that is something you see all the time.

With proper guide you can learn those basics.

Learning how to read the market and making prediction about market direction requires experience aligned with knowledge. And that takes time and skills.

Do not think that it is impossible to learn that - no, it is possible.

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EUR/USD Weekly Forex Forecast For April 20 – 24, 2020
4 years ago

Hi Alexis Renault,

I have tried to simplify charts as much is possible with comments.

A beginner's crash course is not available yet but I will plan to make one. Stay tuned and follow where I will make some course to help everyone who wants to read and understood charts.

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GBP/USD Forecast April 13-17 – Pound Calm Despite Economic Turmoil In U.K.
4 years ago

First level reached as planned.

In this article: FXB
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