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Frano Grgić is a Forex trader since 2009 and he shares his experience and knowledge about trading.

Like many Forex traders, Frano has earned a significant share of his knowledge the hard way by practicing and learning on errors. Technical trading and trading psychology have always ... more

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EURUSD Forecast – Pullback With $1.03920 Target
The price is now on the upper side of the price range and it is testing that level as a support. We need to wait and see if it holds, which will be a nice entry level for future move up. The price could reach $1.02000 level.
EURUSD Forecast – Indecision Range
EURUSD forecast for the week ahead.
EURUSD Forecast – Bullish Breakout Confirmed
Next week’s target is to break above the $1.02975 resistance level.
EURUSD Forecast – $0.99134 Still As A Target
EURUSD Forecast – $0.99134 Still As a Target
EURUSD Week Ahead Forecast
Overall the monthly and weekly overview shows $0.99134, the EUR/USD parity target, highly likely.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.02975 Daily, Weekly And Monthly Target
June closed before previous months; we have clear bearish signals signaling a further move down.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.05087 And $1.05825 Range Breakout Needed
We now have indecision for the price, which must be defined by a breakout to the upside or downside.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.03920 Still The Target
$1.02975 is a monthly and weekly support so we can expect the price bouncing higher from that support level. It will be a nice entry level for a short term buying opportunity.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.03920 Target
Next week we could see a price close to $1.05825 which will be a breakout confirmation. Looking for a sell entry around $1.05825 as resistance level is a nice spot, but wait for the price action signal indicating an impending move down.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.06736 Support That Needs To Hold
Here's how I see Forex today for the EURUSD week ahead, the outlook and setups I am looking to trade.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.08300 Bulls Targeting Monthly Triangle
EUR is showing much stronger than USD, which is confirming the bulls' strength.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.06400 Bulls Target
With strong bullish candles and breaking some critical levels to the upside, we can look for the price on higher levels.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.04700 Retrace Target
What we have now is a clean situation for the bears. The price has broken below range and the break was not confirmed by the price.
EURUSD Forecast – Wait For A Breakout
Friday was an indecision candle that confirmed one thing: that we need to wait for a breakout.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.07388 Retrace Target
After strong selling pressure last week, the price is now on a strong support level.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.0500 As A 300 Pips Long Term Target
There isn't strong support until about the $1.05 level. Bulls have to break above strong resistance at $1.10755 to change the market sentiment.
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