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Frano Grgić is a Forex trader since 2009 and he shares his experience and knowledge about trading.

Like many Forex traders, Frano has earned a significant share of his knowledge the hard way by practicing and learning on errors. Technical trading and trading psychology have always ... more

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EURUSD Forecast – $1.16180 More Likely To Be Reached Next Week
Strong confluence of support is losing the battle and we could see the price next week close to $1.17000.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.17200 Is The Key Support
The price is still in bear hands and it needs to find stronger support to drive the price higher.
EURUSD Forecast – Bullish Signal Two Weeks In A Row
The bullish Pin bar from last week was not so strong an indication of bulls, but this week’s engulfing candle shows me more bull strength.
EURUSD Forecast – Bears Still Have Space To Go Down
The price did not reach the trend line, but I cannot rule that out in the following week. Even though there is a bullish Pin bar, the candle is not at the right place.
EURUSD Forecast – Bulls Are Strong, But Not So Strong
In my EURUSD forecast, $1.20000 is a next target.
EURUSD Forecast – Euro Is Losing Its Ground
The current scenario does not look good for buyers because the price has support only next to $1.17200.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.20800-$1.21800 Range
The price is below strong resistance that has held the price above for two weeks which means it will need more buyers strength to move again above $1.21800.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.21800 With A Bullish Sign
With three bullish signals, I am very open for a bullish scenario next week.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.22800 Is The Next Stop
Overall, the week was bullish and we had a breakout above strong resistance which now acts as a support.
EURUSD Forecast – First $1.21800 And Then $1.22800
The EUR/USD price has touched $1.21800 and returned back down to $1.20800.
EURUSD Forecast – Ready To Go Above $1.21800
The week has ended clearly above all candles from the previous two weeks and it ended with a strong bullish candle. Two candles were enough to wipe out all bears from the last two weeks.
EURUSD Forecast – Bulls Now Have Job To Do
Pullback on Friday happened because of traders moving out from the market and cashing money out after the breakout.
EURUSD Forecast – Bulls Are Rocking
The move we see on the chart shows me that buyers have cashed out and entered again on the bounce on the $1.20000 level.
EURUSD Forecast – Start Of The Bullish Mode
The pair has found strength to move 100 pips up and reach a key level at $1.20000.
EURUSD Forecast – Descending Channel Broken
The price is right on the decision level which will indicate future move down or up.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.18400 As A Possible Sell Entry
There is a small sign of bullish strength, but I need to see more of it next week.
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