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Frano Grgić is a Forex trader since 2009 and he shares his experience and knowledge about trading.

Like many Forex traders, Frano has earned a significant share of his knowledge the hard way by practicing and learning on errors. Technical trading and trading psychology have always ... more


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EURUSD Forecast – Bulls Are Holding Range Area
The first level the price needs to break is $1.21793 to see it moving higher.
EURUSD Forecast – Indecision In The Market
In the next week I will wait for the price to define where it will move for the next few weeks.
EURUSD Forecast – 100 Pip Range Still Holds The Price
The price took three days to reach the support which means bulls were strong enough to hold the price on the upper side.
EURUSD Forecast – Bulls Holding The Price In Bullish Territory
We need to wait and see what the price will do.
EURUSD Forecast – Bears In Front Of Bull Wall
We can see a bullish Pinbar, but not in the right place.
EURUSD Forecast - Tough Fight Following
The market has changed in the last two days and strong bearish candles tell me the price could move more down.
EURUSD Forecast – Small Range Area Is Forming
As long as the price is above the previous uptrend channel resistance line shown, I am bullish-oriented.
EURUSD Forecast – Holiday Support Is Holding
Next week we have another holiday, New Year, and traders will trade less. As a result of less activity the price could remain in the range again.
EURUSD Forecast – Two Steps Away From $1.25000
What we can see is that the price for now does not have any strong resistance except $1.24000 level.
E XAUUSD Daily Pip Range - One Of The Most Volatile Pairs
Examining the daily Pip range for Gold against USDollar and how to trade, depending upon your skill level.
EURUSD Looking For Support To Move Above $1.21793
The fall of the price on Friday we can count as traders moving out from the market and taking their profits.
E EURUSD Breakout From The Bullish Flag Pattern
We have a price breakout from the H4 channel which was a bullish flag pattern. That pattern means after a strong move UP the price declines inside a channel like we have now on the chart.
EURUSD Breakout From The Uptrend Channel
EURUSD: I will look for bullish opportunities around the first support level
EURUSD Is Targeting 1.25000; History Could Repeat
EURUSD managed to break above the 4 months range area ($1.17000 – $1.19000) that started at the end of July.
EURUSD Ahead Of Strong Confluence Of Resistance
Resistance that presents a huge obstacle for the price reaching higher levels.
EURUSD In The Middle Of Range Area
Last week bearish candles seemed much stronger which tells me that there are sellers still waiting to prevent the price from moving higher.
1 to 16 of 109 Posts
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