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Frano Grgić is a Forex trader since 2009 and he shares his experience and knowledge about trading.

Like many Forex traders, Frano has earned a significant share of his knowledge the hard way by practicing and learning on errors. Technical trading and trading psychology have always ... more


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EURUSD Forecast – $1.05087 And $1.05825 Range Breakout Needed
We now have indecision for the price, which must be defined by a breakout to the upside or downside.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.03920 Still The Target
$1.02975 is a monthly and weekly support so we can expect the price bouncing higher from that support level. It will be a nice entry level for a short term buying opportunity.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.03920 Target
Next week we could see a price close to $1.05825 which will be a breakout confirmation. Looking for a sell entry around $1.05825 as resistance level is a nice spot, but wait for the price action signal indicating an impending move down.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.06400 Bulls Target
With strong bullish candles and breaking some critical levels to the upside, we can look for the price on higher levels.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.04700 Retrace Target
What we have now is a clean situation for the bears. The price has broken below range and the break was not confirmed by the price.
EURUSD Forecast – Wait For A Breakout
Friday was an indecision candle that confirmed one thing: that we need to wait for a breakout.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.07388 Retrace Target
After strong selling pressure last week, the price is now on a strong support level.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.0500 As A 300 Pips Long Term Target
There isn't strong support until about the $1.05 level. Bulls have to break above strong resistance at $1.10755 to change the market sentiment.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.08846 Bullish Reversal Target
EURUSD Forecast – $1.08846 Bullish Reversal Target
EURUSD Forecast – $1.07825 Next Target
We have downtrend channel resistance with a horizontal resistance line that will pose an obstacle for the price to move higher.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.09860 Next Target In The Coming Week
$1.09860 is the target for the next week, which will be the decision level for the bears and bulls.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.09860 Target Of The Bears
This time I will wait until Monday to see what the price will do. Will the price break below $1.09860, which will mean further decline, or will it break above, which will target $1.10755?  
EURUSD Forecast – $1.10755 Decision Level For The Bulls
Wait for Monday to close and let the market show the direction.
Euro Waits To See
The price is in the middle of the weak levels and since the market is in the bearish mode I am targeting lower levels this week.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.07825 As A Target
The price reached the support level and then bounced back up and the price is now between support and resistance line.
EURUSD Forecast – $1.14000 And $1.13000 Breakout Levels
We have bulls pushing the price up and bears returning the back down.The market does not look strong enough to push the price higher; the bears are stronger.
1 to 16 of 170 Posts
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