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CEO of New Constructs, LLC.

New Constructs leverages reliable fundamental data to provide unconflicted insights into the fundamentals and valuation of private and public businesses. Combining human expertise with cutting-edge machine learning (ML) technologies (more


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How Overvalued Is Netflix After 3Q15 Earnings?
David Trainer appeared on CNBC’s Closing Bell Thursday afternoon to talk about the issues facing Netflix in light of its disappointing 3Q15 earnings and quantify just how overvalued shares have become.
Two Ways Stock Options Detract From Shareholder Value
In this webinar, CEO David Trainer explains how options affect shareholder value, revealing the effects on the income statement and on valuation.
Why We Downgraded Disney
Explaining why we recently downgraded Disney’s stock to our Neutral rating following the release of its annual report.
Rotten To The Core: Apple Can No Longer Innovate
David Trainer interviewed on CNBC confirms his thesis that Apple is still rotten.
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