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Avoid Bad ROIC Stocks In Risk-Off Markets
Investors should avoid stocks for companies with low (and falling) ROICs.
Seek Strong ROICs In Turbulent Markets
In sinking markets, strong ROICs are the only life rafts.
Three Safe Stocks In A Stormy Market
HD, TJX and ICLR are stocks for great companies whose valuations are a little high. If those valuations decline, investors should scoop up these quality businesses.
Don’t Let Casper’s Lower Price Fool You, It’s Still Overvalued
When Casper (CSPR) first filed for IPO, it was aiming for a valuation as high as $768 million.
Featured Stock In January’s Exec Comp & ROIC Model Portfolio
Our Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC Model Portfolio (-0.4%) underperformed the S&P 500 (+3.3%) from December 13, 2019, through January 13, 2020.
Three Stocks That Could Surprise During Earnings Season
Over the trailing twelve months period, LRCX had -$139 million in net earnings distortion that causes earnings to be understated.
Technology Sector 1Q20: Best And Worst
Buying a fund without analyzing its holdings is like buying a stock without analyzing its business and finances.
Getting Core Earnings Right
Though most investors take for granted that corporate managers fudge their earnings, there’s never been any empirical data and evidence to prove it – until now.
Position Close Update: Kulicke And Soffa Industries
KLIC’s business was hit much harder by the recent cyclical downturn in the industry. Its net operating profit after tax declined by 88% in 2019 compared to just a 15% decline for KLAC (which acquired ORBK) and a 24% decline for LRCX.
Featured Stock In December’s Exec Comp & ROIC Model Portfolio
Over the past decade, NVR has grown revenue by 7% compounded annually and after-tax operating profit (NOPAT) by 13% compounded annually.
Featured Stocks In December’s 2019 Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios
Most Attractive stocks have high and rising returns on invested capital (ROIC) and low price to economic book value ratios. Most Dangerous stocks have misleading earnings and long growth appreciation periods implied by their market valuations.
Position Close Update: Host Hotels & Resorts
The company’s improved fundamentals, combined with its lower valuation, means the risk in this stock has decreased.
Earnings Data Is Wrong & Why It Can Cost You Money
Unusual gains/losses distorted earnings per share by an average of $1.16/share (22%) for firms in the S&P 500 in 2018.
WeWork’s Failed IPO Is A Win For Main Street
It’s official: the WeWork IPO is dead. After a month and a half of bad press, the office leasing company officially pulled its IPO filing on September 30.
Doomsday Valuation Makes This Retailer A Buy
The Michael’s Companies is this week’s Long Idea. This retailer’s stock gained over 20% in one day in early September after the company beat top and bottom-line expectations and reported positive comparable store sales.
Featured Stock In August’s Exec Comp & ROIC Model Portfolio
AutoZone Inc. is the featured stock.
1 to 16 of 497 Posts
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