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New Stocks On Most Attractive And Most Dangerous Lists: September 2015
Our Most Attractive Stocks (-6.4%) fell less than the S&P 500 (-8.9%) last month and outperformed as a long portfolio. Most Attractive Large Cap stock NVIDIA Corporation gained 5% and Most Attractive Small Cap stock MBIA Inc. was up 17%.
Why Planet Fitness Fits In The Danger Zone
As with most IPO’s, Planet Fitness, home of the $10-a-month gym membership, is going public at a time when business is booming and sentiment is strong. We advise caution when considering this IPO for a few reasons.
The Right Way To Analyze An Acquisition
How to think about mergers and acquisitions, and the right way to analyze the TWC/Charter deal.
Netflix Upgrade Draws Analyst Ridicule
In this podcast, CEO David Trainer discusses his thoughts regarding a recent article published about Netflix, comments by an analyst at Wedbush Securities, as well as the entire sell-side analyst’s upside down view on risk.
Why We Put Briggs And Stratton In The Danger Zone
Briggs has become significantly less profitable as its stock price has risen, and that the company’s management team has failed consistently on several counts.
Netflix Remains A Risky Investment
Most of the risk embedded within the stock is due to lofty investor expectations.
Why We’re Cautious About The Energy Sector
While energy prices look to have bottomed out at this point and it may be tempting to bet on a broad turnaround in the sector, the funds in the Energy sector simply do not provide compelling investments.
Why Investors Should Beware Recent Tech IPOs
CEO David Trainer sat down with Chuck Jaffe of Money Life and this week to talk about why we put recent Technology IPOs in the Danger Zone.
Revealing The Footnotes Research Behind Our Bob Evans (BOBE) Danger Zone
We warned about this six months ago -- here's how we knew.
Why This Time Of Year Is The Real Earnings Season
Why the 10-K filing season in February and March is the most important time of year for investors.
This IPO Belongs Back In The Tech Bubble
Investors are ignoring the reality of BOX’s industry and the danger of its current valuation.
Podcast: Callidus Software Is In The Danger Zone (CALD)
Chuck Jaffe of Money Life interviews David Trainer on why the cloud computing company, Callidus Software, is in the Danger Zone. (7:55)
Podcast: Navistar In The Danger Zone
David Trainer is interviewed by Chuck Jaffe of Money Life explaining why truck manufacturing company Navistar is headed for trouble.
Electronic Arts (EA) And The Demise Of The Video Game Industry
The video game industry's unique business model, unlike other media outlets, is too complex to be sustainable. Time to sell.
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