A Lehman Moment For Crypto?
Crypto is a sea of red now, with even the blue chip of the bunch, Bitcoin, down 30% over the last week, but the most dramatic fall has been in the Terra coin, which is down about 99% over the same time frame.
Victory Day In Moscow
Putin seems to think Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. Why he might be right? Plus, an update on a portfolio designed to weather the war and bear market.
That '70s Show Redux
Wall Street's most accurate analyst - BoA's Michael Hartnett - sees a '70s-style oil spike and tech wreck. How we're positioned for it, and why today is worse than the early '70s. 
Someone Still Wants World War III
We're still not out of the woods as far as avoiding World War III, and we're still saddled with inflation and shortages due in part to the war in Ukraine and in particular the West's sanctions on Russia in response to it.
The U.S. Supreme Court Overturning Roe V Wade May Prevent World War III
By derailing the current pro-war social contagion. But investors wouldn't be out of the woods just yet.
EC What Happens When You Don't Diversify
Diversification's drawback is that instead of putting most of your assets where there is the most potential upside, you spread them out even though other assets are likely to do less well.


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War In Ukraine Causes Coal To Go Parabolic
2 months ago

BTU and UCO were both up double digits today. 

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Super Bowl LVI: Betting On MGM
3 months ago

My bet won. Congrats to those who played along. 

In this article: MGM
Super Bowl LVI: Betting On MGM
3 months ago

Thanks. Looks like Talk Markets cut off half of my article. You can read the full version here, which includes my bet for the Super Bowl:

In this article: MGM
Time To Buy Tesla
4 months ago

Thanks, Scott. Nice week for Tesla so far, incidentally. 

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Welcome To The Metaverse
6 months ago

Consider being a little more skeptical about the Facebook "whistleblower", or any so-called whistleblower who has the entire establishment backing her and is calling for more censorship. 

That woman had a verified account on Twitter the day after her 60 Minutes interview. She's no rebel. 

In this article: NVDA, COIN, META, FB, BLOK
Welcome To The Metaverse
6 months ago


In this article: NVDA, COIN, META, FB, BLOK
Hedging Inflation Risk
9 months ago

The Bitcoin and the Batman. Typo on my part.


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Precious Metals: Time To Move On
1 year ago

Take a look at how MSTR did yesterday - and how it's doing in the pre-market Tuesday.

In this article: GDX, GLD, SLV, UGL, NNDM
Silver Isn't The Next GameStop
1 year ago

Thanks. I don't know, but I've seen some longtime silver bulls pushing this.

In this article: GME, SLV
Capital Insurrection
1 year ago

My pleasure. Thanks for the comment.

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AAPL Apple Inc.
FB Meta Platforms, Inc. (Formerly Facebook)
TSLA Tesla Motors Inc.



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