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Buying When There's Blood In The Street: The Pros And Cons
Yandex, Gazprom, and Sberbank all stopped trading in the U.S. in early March. The Moscow Stock Exchange was closed then too but reopened at the end of March.
EC Another Casualty Of Our Sanctions On Russia
Betting on higher gas prices and lower treasury bonds pays off.
Sanctions On Russia Backfire On US
The mainstream media acknowledges what we predicted here months ago. Here's how our investment approach in response to our predictions has panned out.
What Happens When Your Bitcoin Miner Drops 80%
While June 10th of last year turned out to be a good time to buy bitcoin, and MARA, November 24th turned out to be a terrible time for both.
A Hedged Bet On Even Higher Natural Gas Prices
European demand for American LNG is leading to convergence with European gas prices, which are significantly higher.
Zoltan Pozsar: The Fed Isn't Your Friend
The NY Fed wunderkind-turned-Credit Suisse strategist on why the Fed's helicopters are dropping "financial napalm" this time around.
A Lehman Moment For Crypto?
Crypto is a sea of red now, with even the blue chip of the bunch, Bitcoin, down 30% over the last week, but the most dramatic fall has been in the Terra coin, which is down about 99% over the same time frame.
Victory Day In Moscow
Putin seems to think Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. Why he might be right? Plus, an update on a portfolio designed to weather the war and bear market.
That '70s Show Redux
Wall Street's most accurate analyst - BoA's Michael Hartnett - sees a '70s-style oil spike and tech wreck. How we're positioned for it, and why today is worse than the early '70s. 
Someone Still Wants World War III
We're still not out of the woods as far as avoiding World War III, and we're still saddled with inflation and shortages due in part to the war in Ukraine and in particular the West's sanctions on Russia in response to it.
The U.S. Supreme Court Overturning Roe V Wade May Prevent World War III
By derailing the current pro-war social contagion. But investors wouldn't be out of the woods just yet.
EC What Happens When You Don't Diversify
Diversification's drawback is that instead of putting most of your assets where there is the most potential upside, you spread them out even though other assets are likely to do less well.
Should We Be Worried About Food Shortages In The U.S.?
The meaning of a string of recent food system processing plant and warehouse disasters.
Elon Musk's Twitter Bid Means Political Risk For Tesla
The increased regulatory scrutiny of Tesla's Autopilot doesn't seem to be coincidental.
Betting Against U.S. Treasury Bonds Pays Off
Seizing Russia's dollar assets doesn't seem to have made U.S. Treasuries more attractive to foreign buyers.
Economic War Against A Real Economy
Judging by the coverage in most of the Western media, Russia is getting soundly beaten in its war with Ukraine.
1 to 16 of 273 Posts
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