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Post-Election Update
We have the contested election the New York Times warned about. Why the market doesn't mind.
Election Update
Revisiting last week's election prediction: what we got right, what we got wrong, and where to consider investing now.
Election Prediction
Here's my prediction for the election and how to bet on it.
Twitter Incurs Republicans' Wrath
Twitter angered Republican politicians from the President on down by censoring the NY Post's article on Hunter Biden on Wednesday. How to protect your long position in the company if the government acts against it this time.
Yelp Courts Controversy
Yelp's new feature enabling users to flag a business as racist raises questions of abuse and calls for a boycott of the company.
Trump's Endorsement A Double-Edged Sword For Regeneron
President Trump's touting of Regeneron's COVID-19 treatment boosted the stock, but also added an element of political risk to it. We elaborate and show how cautious bulls can stay long while strictly limiting their risk.
Peloton Goes Parabolic
Governments closing gyms during COVID-19 have made Americans (and Peloton shareholders' wallets) fatter. 
Systemic Risk At Defcon 3
Political risk is systemic risk, and that risk has risen with President Trump's COVID diagnosis.
Post-Debate Election Risk
Investment professionals warn about the risk of an unresolved election; how you can protect your portfolio.
Boeing: Betting On Clowns And Monkeys
Options market sentiment turns bullish on Boeing.
Reducing Post-RBG Risk
Political risk has risen in the wake of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In the event that translates to market risk, we show a way to limit your downside here.
In Case We're Wrong About Gold
We're currently bullish on gold, but one analyst sees a bearish scenario for the metal. Here are a couple of inexpensive ways to protect yourself in case we're wrong.
Downside Protection For Netflix
With calls to cancel Netflix over its streaming of the movie "Cuties", a look at hedging it if you're a cautious bull.
A Safety Harness For The Tesla Roller Coaster
How being hedged ameliorated Tuesday's record drop.
Tortoise Formation
Our system's unusually sharp response to the market sell-off.
Crash Protection For Peloton
Peloton Interactive has been one of the winners of the COVID-19 economy, tripling in market cap year-to-date. Here are a couple of ways shareholders who want to stay long can lock in most of those gains.
1 to 16 of 67 Posts
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