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Is The Launch Of A Fund A Sell Signal For An Asset?
Healthcare, commodities, and now Bitcoin?
Crash Protection For Ford
Ford shares managed to hit a 20-year high on the day. 
A Bitcoin Miner Buying Opportunity
Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital is up 89% since we wrote about it here in June, but it has pulled back 31% since earlier this month.
An Airbag For Avis Longs
Shares of Avis Budget Group, Inc. jumped nearly 10% to a new high on Thursday in the wake of Bank of America's buy rating on the stock. BofA analyst John Murphy gave Avis a price target of $125 per share. 
"A Structural Inflation Shock" Revisited
As of Thursday's close, BOIL was up 53% since then. If you bought BOIL when we wrote about it in July, congratulations.
Wood Versus Wood
As Cathie Wood's Ark Innovation ETF rolls over, its 12-month performance is converging with that of the global timber & forestry ETF. We consider the prospects for both ETFs over the rest of the year.
From Black Swans To Black Rain
Our presentation to the American Association of Individual Investors about protecting against stock-specific as well as systemic risk.
Time To Hedge Tesla Again
With Tesla topping $2,000 per share this week, it's time for longs to hedge again.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts