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Will The West Have A Proxy War With China Next?
A veteran Australian diplomat warns of plans to make Taiwan, or possibly Australia, a Ukraine for China. Considering the investment implications.
Risking War With Russia
A sobering assessment of the current Ukraine situation, followed by a look at hedging your investment risks in light of it.
Bitcoin Hedges Come In Handy
How our October hedges softened the blow for Bitcoin longs.
When Winning Streaks Stop
Trying to beat the market by buying stocks like Tesla. It's probably impossible to time these things perfectly, but as we continue to collect data, we may be able to spend more time in winning streaks.
The Addiction Economy
How everything from snack foods to video games to social media is engineered to make us addicts. 
Corona Doom 2.0 - Good For BioNTech
Expect the government to use the threat of renewed lockdowns to drive more vaccinations. That should be good news for BioNTech.
A Hedged Bet On The Crypto Bubble
How to construct a hedged portfolio of a few crypto stocks. The goal is to make money while the bubble inflates but be protected when it pops.
New Year, State Of Fear
China's New Year's Eve Flex. America's State of Fear. Investing in the new year.
Finding Alpha In The Current Market Environment
We added a new source of alpha to our security selection process at the end of May, and we're seeing strong results for it now. What it is and how you can find it.
Hawley Turns Up The Heat On Facebook
The senator from Missouri says it's time to break up Facebook. Here's what to do if you're long the stock.
Coup 2.0; We Can Strike In Any Direction
Former Trump Administration official Michael Anton warns of a possible coup attempt in November; our current market posture.
Crash-Proofing Your Portfolio With Your IPhone
In case Taleb is right.
A Football Pool For Stocks
A free game that lets you bet on how stocks are going to move post-earnings.
Corporate America Shows Solidarity
On social media this week, America's largest brands have expressed support for Black Lives Matter protesters; many of those same brands, as John Binder noted in this Twitter thread, have also had their flagship stores looted during the protests.
Switching To Four Cylinders
Our top names have already been performing the market, albeit by a modest about recently. By isolating the factors that lead to the most alpha, we should be able to significantly increase the performance of our top names.
Building A Hedged Portfolio Around Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The hedged portfolio method offers a way to maximize potential returns with a concentrated portfolio while strictly limiting risk. Here we use that approach to build a hedged portfolio around a position in Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
1 to 16 of 19 Posts
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