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A November To Remember
The impetus for today's buying appears to be two-fold.
The Market's Dilemma
For the third straight week, investors woke up Monday morning to encouraging news.
A Good Overbought Condition? Or...
Instead of the market looking like a runaway train, as it had on Friday/Monday, it now appears that the venerable S&P is taking a breather.
The Long Road Narrative
With the all-important holiday shopping season coming fast, how the consumer is feeling about spending money these days is an important input to the market outlook equation.
All About The Vaccine (Today)
If you find it odd that stocks would be rallying to record highs in the face of what is likely to be a very grim winter with COVID-19, you aren't alone.
Sigh Of Relief
The market-jolting news this morning isn't about the election results. There is no update on lawsuits or vote counts. No news on the state of the "blue wave."
Stocks May Not Care Who Wins The White House
The Presidential election outcome is unclear. Sure, it could go either way. And yes, it may take a while to know the results. But from my seat, the market move isn't about the occupant of the White House for the next four years.
Do Stocks Care About The Election?
One week ago, uncertainty reigned supreme as traders fretted over earnings, COVID, the economy, and of course, the election.
The Jitters Are Justified
Another Monday. Another 1% move. I guess that's just the way the game is being played right now. According to Barron's, the S&P 500 has moved at least 1% in either direction every Monday since the end of August.
Is It Time To Return To The COVID Winners?
Currently, there is selling across the board and the market has a "risk-off" feel to it. This too makes some sense.
Three Negatives And One Ginormous Positive
Three negatives and one ginormous positive. From my seat, this defines the current stock market environment.
Do Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Until...
Stocks are down again in the early going Monday as a new record high in daily coronavirus cases here at home and in many places in Europe has caused traders to fear another phase of lockdowns.
The Three Keys To This Market
There are three factors driving stock prices to-and-fro these days. First, there is the state of the on-again-off-again stimulus talks. Next, there is the state of the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, there is the rise in interest rates.
A Healthy Dose Of Patience Is Required
The song remains the same as the stock market indices continue to be pushed and pulled by the status of stimulus talks.
How To Play The Digestion Phase
The action continues to be driven by the prospects for additional stimulus. Good news on the stimulus talks produces rallies while disappointment leads to intraday selling.
Hard To Argue With Bulls Here
The state of the market depends largely on the time frame lens one is viewing the market through. Looking at the action from a shorter-term perspective, volatility remains high.
1 to 16 of 379 Posts
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