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An Interest(ing) Development
Normally, when prices on a chart move up quickly, it's a good thing. However, when the move occurs in bond yields, it's the opposite and many analysts call such a move a "tantrum" - as in the market pitching a hissy fit.
Should We Trust The Thrust (Again)?
Investors should remain optimistic about the intermediate-term prospects of the market. Sure, a correction of 5-10% could occur at any time - because history shows that these "garden variety" pullbacks occur with regularity.
The Mother's Milk Of Bull Markets
It is said that earnings are the mother's milk of bull markets. This certainly seems to make sense as it is easy to argue that expectations for higher earnings create an environment for rising stock prices.
Where Do We Go From Here?
In looking at the historical trends, the S&P typically starts the year off in fine fashion, with some occasional pauses. Then there is a larger pause - or correction - around May as the market "catches its breath".
Is The Reddit Rebellion Here To Stay?
No matter what the mania is, whether it be tulip-bulbs, web startups in 1999, or houses in 2006, all bubbles tend to burst at some point. You just never know when.
Should We Be Worried About Valuations?
If you want to start an argument about the state of the stock market, the topic of valuations is usually a pretty good place to start.
There Is Change Afoot In The New Year
Stocks are indeed a discounting mechanism of future expectations and thus, investors are looking ahead to better days.
Still Looking Ahead, But...
To be sure, stocks of almost all sizes, colors, and shapes have been looking ahead to better days recently. Days when the COVID vaccination process has been completed.
Happy Holidays And This Is What Makes A Market
We can expect the bears to try and make some noise between now and New Year's Eve. However, based on the bull camp's PowerPoint deck, it makes sense to be ready to buy any dips that may occur in the next month or so.
Just For Fun: 2021 Stock Market Projection
It's that time of year when just about every market analyst on the planet peers into their crystal ball to conjure up a prognostication about what will happen to the market in the coming year.
Stopping On The Stairs, Or?
The current state of the market is a good news/bad news situation.
Now Playing: The Slow Grind
For the past two weeks or so, the stock market (as defined by the S&P 500) has been grinding higher on a daily basis.
Are P/E's A Problem?
Traders appear to remain focused on the state of the COVID pandemic and the economic recovery, as well as the potential for additional stimulus out of Washington D.C.
The Good News Is...
Using history as a guide, it looks like the major indices should finish what has been a crazy calendar year in fine fashion.
The Reasons For The Rally
Earnings estimates are "movin' on up" these days, which is a good thing for stock prices.
Time To Take A Break?
Investors have ignored the bad news about the surge in COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, and instead have been busy looking ahead to a return to some form of normalcy - sooner rather than later.
1 to 16 of 395 Posts
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