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While We Are Waiting, Let's Check On The Cycles
The current stock market is focused on a couple of key things.
Assuming The Worst (Again)
Until yesterday, the thinking had been that the majority of the bad news was well worn. Well, until the ISM Manufacturing data was released, that is.
A Fistful Of Reasons To Be Optimistic
Despite all the worry, fear, and/or uneasiness in the markets these days, the S&P 500 closed Wednesday within spitting distance of an all-time high (0.63% to be exact). Not too shabby for a "hated" stock market, eh?
Monday Morning Market Model Review: Bulls Retain Possession
The bulls got some good news this week on the trade, economic, and Fed fronts and stocks moved accordingly.
Quick Take On The State Of The Market
I continue to believe that we have a news-driven environment on our hands with the outlook for the global economy and the trade war being the primary focal points.
We Don't Need A Deal, But...
While a deal may not be imminent, my thought is that we will likely see some sort of agreement within the next six months.
Has Anything Really Changed?
It was yet another wild ride on Wall Street last week as the news flow continued to drive the action. The Primary Cycle models saw some slippage as the Risk/Reward model fell into the neutral zone and my Desert Island model lost some ground.
About That 'Message' From The Bond Market
After five days of wild, news-driven swings in the stock market, investors can't be blamed for starting the week with some questions.
Indicators Suggest Weakness Should Be Bought
A weekly review of my favorite indicators and market models.
Is There Any Upside From Here?
The S&P 500 is just 5 days removed from its most recent all-time high. Central bankers around the globe are either cutting rates or getting ready to cut rates.
What Should We Expect In The 2nd Half Of 2019?
While stocks are overbought currently, the bulls might still have some gas left in the tank.
Looking For A Way To Identify The Next Big Bear?
It would be logical to assume that if earnings on the S&P 500 began to fall, the risks of a meaningful correction would increase. And if earnings on the S&P fell a lot, it would follow that the risks of a really big, bad bear market would also rise.
EC Lots Of Inputs But Only One Real Focal Point
The news flow is enough to drive global macro analysts crazy. So many permutations to consider. And so many different ways to play.
Markets Never Sleep But Models Still Favor The Bulls
Let's get the week started with a review of my favorite market models and indicators.
Things Can Change Quickly These Days
A funny thing happened on the way to the market debacle, things changed - quickly.
Which Message Is The Right Message?
There can be little argument that the stock market is a slave to the news at the present time.
1 to 16 of 282 Posts
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