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Not If, But When
The stock market's latest joyride to the upside appears to have hit a snag. Well, for now at least, anyway.
The Cycle Roadmap For 2024
The first four months of the year look to be a bit choppy, but with an upward bias. As such, the old adage, "do nothing, absolutely nothing, until there is something to do" might be words to live by.
Making It Official
According to CFRA Research, the average gain for bull markets enjoyed by the S&P 500 since 1947 has been 156%, while the median of the 13 bull cycles studied has been 101%.
Happy Holidays Indeed
Investors were treated this week to a "dot plot" from the FOMC members which projects not one, not two, but count them, three rate cuts next year.
Words Matter
With the Fed refusing to yield and folks questioning the outlook for the economy, the rate-cut-infused rally ends, and the next pullback ensues. Rinse and repeat.
All About Rates
If you want to know what stocks are going to do next on any given day right now, look no further than a one-minute chart of the yield on the 10-year.
Time For A Rally?
Despite the fact that the calendar has flipped to October and that the best six-month span for the stock market will quickly be upon us, the direction of yields seems to be the focus on a daily basis.
The Bears Have An Earnings Problem
Despite being just plain wrong about the economy, earnings, and the state of the stock market, the bears are sticking to their guns.
Sticking To The Script?
After enjoying a strong run higher from mid-March through the end of July, the bulls then took a break. And in following the seasonal script, the major indices proceeded to pull back in August. Although it wasn't fun, the decline was to be expected.
Thoughts On The Macro Themes
The Fed keeps themselves busy reviewing data that is rearview mirror oriented. When one looks at more current pricing data, the picture changes dramatically.
AI Or Bust
AI is just getting started.
While We Wait...
This week's Fed meeting is the primary focal point for market participants.
A New Bull Market?
With four out of the six models on "buy" signals and the historical annualized returns of the S&P 500 now above +14%, I'm going to argue that maybe, just maybe, we may have a new bull market on our hands.
The Great Debate
On various calls with institutional clients over the past couple of weeks, I have summarized the current state of the market as an ongoing debate between the bulls and bears - one that has been playing out daily.
What's It Gonna Be?
Markets are looking for the right levels based on a rapidly changing narrative. Gone is the assumption that the Fed is going to wreck the economy by going too far. I
The Question Of The Day Is...
The question of the day is simple. Are investors dealing with another banking crisis, which poses what is called "systemic" risk or "idiosyncratic" risk?
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