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SaverOne Gains Rapid Traction With Its DDPS Solution
17 hours ago

Very good and balanced analysis.  I'll be keeping an eye on this company.

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Joe Biden Is Not America's President
18 hours ago

Actually no.  that's just your opinion and you are only saying that because you dislike Newsom's politics.  Most people tend to pick "their side" as the winner.  And various media outlets all had different opinions on who won as well.  so there's no clear winner.  They both scored some points, and both took some hits. 

But really, since, as Newsom said, neither of them will be the presedential nominee for their party, what does it matter?

How Long Will We 'Bear' The Bear Market?
1 day ago

Good read, thanks for sharing.

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Best & Worst Large Cap Stocks - Tuesday, Oct. 27
3 days ago

Which are the best these days?

7 days ago

Sometimes doing nothing is as bad as doing the wrong thing.

Biotech And Healthcare Portfolio Playbook For December 2023/24
10 days ago

Good summary, thanks.

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It's Coming To America's Shores, In Spades
14 days ago

It seems the bomb was meant for Canada, not the US.  But you are correct.  We don't know who was behind this yet, but foreign powers like Russia, China and Iran hope to disrupt America.  And terror organizations like ISIS and Hamas have openly said they want to kill every Jew and Christian in the world, and force everyone to follow sharia Muslim law.  Dangerous times are ahead.

S&P 500 Market Returns And Why Your Performance Is Worse
15 days ago

Good read, thank you for sharing.

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