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The Simple Equation
11 days ago

Great read, thanks.

The Bond Market Is Tightening, The Fed Is In A Box, And The Economy Will Pay.
11 days ago

These days, everyone wants to borrow, no one wants to save.

It's Good To Be A Guinea Pig
1 month ago

It sounds like you suffered from a very odd and rare, yet temporary negative side effect. Aren't you worried that this might scare away some from taking the vaccine? The vaccines are truly the only way we can get back to life as normal. But unfortunately, too many anti-vaxxers are spread fear mongering tales (mostly false) to scare people away.

After Gold’s Slide, What Happens To Miners?
1 month ago

Good article, thanks for sharing.

In this article: GDX
Stock Analysis - Danaher Corp (DHR)
2 months ago

Good analysis on $DHR, thanks.

Value & Growth Demagogues
2 months ago

Sometimes the world is changing too fast for me. I miss the simpler times!

Vaccines And Their Impact
3 months ago

I was looking forward to taking the vaccine but friends told me that it was inadvisable since I am allergic to penicillin. Apparently that can be very dangerous. Will need to check with my doctor to see if it's true.

We Finally Got A Stimulus
3 months ago

Interesting Texan Hunter, hadn't heard that. Have a link?

We Finally Got A Stimulus
3 months ago

Unlikely. Everyone wants this. It would make Trump immensely unpopular right when he's desperately clinging to power.

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