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PayPal After Q4 2017: The Easy Money Has Been Made
1 year ago

That's not quite correct Flat Broke, the two companies will remain partners through July 2020. It won't hurt PayPal anytime soon and gives them plenty of time to recoup those losses.

Not to mention it's been quite a long time since Ebay was their primary revenue source.

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Tilting Slightly Defensive In This Melt-Up Stock Market
1 year ago

Good advice.

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Gold, Dollar, Stock Market Update - Tuesday, Dec. 6
1 year ago

Good stuff, have anything current?

What Comes First - TSLA Or Tesla?
4 years ago

I'd trade my wife for a new Model 3!

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Harry Goldstein Commented on Micron: Spot Prices Up, More Important Contract Down:

Interesting read and well written. You've clearly done your research. What percentage of Micron's business is actually in China?

Harry Goldstein Commented on Having Access To President Trump's Innermost Thoughts Is Killing Traders:

It truly is amazing how times have changed. Even a few years ago this wouldn't even have been a concern.

Harry Goldstein Commented on Taking Flight with Up Sonder:

That's very impressive. Congratulations. Does that mean it's too late to invest?

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