Lovesac: Should You Consider This 358 Forward P/E?
The furniture maker is up more than Bitcoin over the last year. Our estimate of its returns over the next six months is much more modest. In case it tumbles though, here's how you can lock in some downside protection.
Viacom After The Bill Hwang Discount
After getting clobbered in the wake of Bill Hwang's epic margin call, ViacomCBS shares are now one of our top ten names.
Four Thousand Twenty Reasons To Ignore Permabears
Why real world pessimism shouldn't dominate your approach to investing. A profitable alternative.
Buying Umbrella's When It's Sunny Out
Taking advantage of the higher market and lower volatility to add some inexpensive downside protection.
"Extending The Light Of Consciousness To The Stars"
Elon Musk's motivation for accumulating wealth. Cathie Wood's prediction for how Tesla shares will continue to help him do that. Our take, along with a way to hedge your bets if we're wrong.
Spinning There Wheels And Going Somewhere
We're bullish on Peloton again, as is social data.


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Precious Metals: Time To Move On
2 months ago

Take a look at how MSTR did yesterday - and how it's doing in the pre-market Tuesday.

In this article: GDX, GLD, SLV, UGL, NNDM
Silver Isn't The Next GameStop
2 months ago

Thanks. I don't know, but I've seen some longtime silver bulls pushing this.

In this article: GME, SLV
Capital Insurrection
2 months ago

My pleasure. Thanks for the comment.

In this article: GME, BBBY, AMC, BB
Boeing Slips Under The Radar
2 months ago

The benefits of being part of a duopoly. But the Russians and Chinese may have strong competitors soon.

In this article: BA
Black Swan Protection For Tesla
3 months ago

I'm sure his salesmanship is part of it. Kind of like Steve Jobs was with Apple.

In this article: TSLA
Twitter Incurs Republicans' Wrath
5 months ago

Hunter Biden signed for the laptop. And the FBI isn't investigating Russia in relation to the laptop; the director of national intelligence said the Russians had nothing to do with it.

In this article: TWTR
Twitter Incurs Republicans' Wrath
5 months ago

If it weren't real, why haven't the Bidens denied it? Why did Hunter Biden's lawyer recently ask the repair shop for the laptop back (indicating that it was Hunter's laptop)?

In this article: TWTR
Systemic Risk At Defcon 3
6 months ago


On the plus side, it looks like the President is recovering well so far.

In this article: SPY
Reducing Post-RBG Risk
6 months ago

Thanks, John.

Hedging Market Portfolios Using Analytics
9 months ago

Thank you, David.

In this article: NVDA, SPY
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