Finding Alpha In Options Market Sentiment
New data shows how options market sentiment can identify underlying securities likely to outperform.
Beating The Market With Both Low And High Risk Names
The unhedged performance of the underlying names highlights how we saw strong returns from both low risk names like TLT and TLH (up 22.57% and 20.85%, respectively) and the high risk name, JD (up 45.84%).
The Andromeda Strain Paradox
Michael Crichton's novel The Andromeda Strain contained an apparent paradox: why were an alcoholic old man and a healthy baby the only two survivors of an extraterrestrial contagion? We've noticed similar apparent paradox in security returns.
Typical Returns For Conservative Hedged Portfolios
In a previous article, I shared the performance of a portfolio hedged against a >4% decline that returned 9.84% over 6 months. That was an atypical performance. Here is a fuller picture of how these conservative portfolios typical perform.
Staying Long Shopify? Consider Hedging
Shares of Shopify have nearly doubled since the March market low, in the wake of the company's strong Q1 results. Shareholders who insist on staying long here ought to consider hedging, given the looming impact of the COVID-19 depression.
COVID-19 And The Soloflex Economy
Behavioral trends toward risk aversion and frugality could complicate economic growth post-Covid-19; a look at investing amid this uncertainty.


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COVID-19 And The Soloflex Economy
1 month ago

I got my Costco card refund in February, so I stocked up then. Good timing.

COVID-19 And The Soloflex Economy
1 month ago

Could be. I've noticed there's been a run on exercise equipment at Target recently.

COVID-19 And The Soloflex Economy
1 month ago

You can find an interactive version of the chart for the portfolio hedged against a >4% decline here:

In Case Whitney Tilson Is Right About Netflix This Time
1 month ago

Looks like I accidentally left a Tilson quote out of this article. This was it:

"The first-quarter results were impressive in terms of net subscriber additions and operating margin expansion, but Berna [Barshay, Tilson's colleague] has a warning for investors...

I would be cautious chasing the stock here, and if I was long, I would consider taking profits on at least part of my position."

In this article: NFLX
Locking In Amazon Gains
1 month ago

Thanks, Texan Hunter.

In this article: AMZN
Surviving COVID-19
2 months ago

My pleasure, Mike. Good luck.

Avoiding The Next PG&E
7 months ago

PEG workers are on their way to help out PCG:

In this article: GE, PCG, PEG, UTX
The 6% Solution
2 years ago

Thanks, Kurt.

In this article: IEX, MA, RTN, XYL, JD, SHY
A Stock Picking Method That Beats The Market
2 years ago

Thanks, Alpha.

In this article: A
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