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Article By: Tim Knight
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 5:24 PM EST
Apple is simply gapping down, recovering, and then plunging again. Over. And over. And over again.
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Dollar Dumps, Stocks Jump As 'Bad News Is Good' Storms Back
Article By: Tyler Durden
Monday, January 7, 2019 4:35 PM EST
Are we really back in the "bad news is good" environment? After stocks priced in all that endless growthiness and now that The Fed is pulling the rug from the dream of economic growth, investors are buying a dip on dismal data?
In this article: C, HYG, AAPL, AMZN, VIX Also: GLD, IWM, TLT, UDN, XLF, XLK, ETH-X, LTC-X
Bitcoin, How Do They Get Those $50k Forecasts?
Video By: readtheticker
Sunday, January 6, 2019 11:11 PM EST
Popular securities are controlled by long term price channels. A technical analysis of Bitcoin and Apple.
In this video: BITCOMP, GBTC, AAPL
The Oversold Chronicles End As A Fed-Inspired Stock Market Explodes Higher
Article By: Dr. Duru
Sunday, January 6, 2019 9:51 PM EST
All oversold periods must end – it is just a matter of how and when.
Stock Markets Risk Wile E. Coyote Fall Despite Powell’s Rush To Support The S&P 500
Article By: Paul Hodges
Sunday, January 6, 2019 10:22 AM EST
How can companies and investors avoid losing money as the global economy goes into a China-led recession? That’s the key question as we enter 2019. We have reached a fork in the road.
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Thoughts On Growth Stocks: Apple, Sherwin-Williams, Disney
Kurt Benson 3/29/2016 4:06:29 AM

I agree Kirk Sheffield Elsa is outselling Barbie, Star Wars is king again and now everyone's crazy over Zootopia. I haven't seen it yet but did see the trailer at the Star Wars movie and it's on my list. I'm bullish $DIS & $AAPL.

Apple Vs. The FBI Vs. A Suggestion
Dean Gilmore 2/18/2016 3:22:29 PM

Why can't they ask $AAPL to do it for them without compromising all iPhones? 1 Apple Tech and 1 FBI agent in the secured room.

Apple Vs. The FBI Vs. A Suggestion
Craig Newman 2/18/2016 2:46:43 PM

Tim Cook called the FBI order "chilling." It's total BS. Companies like Apple $AAPL and Google $GOOGL collect so much information about us it is scary. The power they wield is... well that's what is chilling. The FBI is trying to stop terrorists and safeguards lives. Apple should have complied, not try to embarrass the FBI.

PayPal: Up And Away
Jared Green 2/4/2016 6:10:07 PM

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S&P 500 And Nasdaq 100 Forecast - January 20, 2016
Craig Newman 1/28/2016 6:38:50 PM

I respect the charts but on $SPY I saw the T-30 pattern clear as day. $AAPL $FB & $NFLX especially followed.

2016 Big V Trade Plan
Peter Craig 1/12/2016 7:50:21 PM

Nice video, but there's no way $AAPL won't surge after earnings. Crazy low expectations with BLOW out earnings and guidance + HUGE buyback after ER.

Why Facebook Is Looking Less And Less Appealing
Dick Kaplan 9/8/2015 10:22:24 PM

An opinion piece. The author is under the assumption $FB Maxed out. They have been doing the same thing to $AAPL, waiting for it to fall.

How's That Apple Post Earnings Buy And Hold Strategy Working For You?
Mark Walla 5/7/2015 7:19:08 PM

$AAPL is working great as buy and hold, trading $AAPL is a crap shoot, but longs win with patience.

Apple: Buy Adobe, Not Tesla
Duke Peters 3/1/2015 3:29:00 AM

Just an observation, but why doesn't $AAPL buy $DIS, $BBRY, $CALL and/or private company's Soundhound and Soundcloud? This way they have content, enterprise, and social/mobile with money to spare!

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