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TGIF – Stocks Slide Into The Weekend – What’s Next?
If we are going to be bullish this morning, we need to play the S&P as it crosses back over the 2,735 line, with tight stops if it fails and we'll look for confirmation from the Nasdaq (/NQ) at the 6,975 line and 1,515 on the Russell (/RTY).
TGIF – Trade Talk (Again) Pops Us Into The Weekend
Despite all the buybacks and despite all the tax breaks – the economy has been in steep decline for the past 16 months as we saw from yesterday's GDP Report.
What Now Wednesday? Suddenly India And Pakistan Are Shooting At Each Other!
The Futures are already recovering from a sharp drop this morning as Nuclear War is way down on this Planet's list of things to worry about what with the planet boiling us alive and all the insects dying.
EC Terrific Tuesday – Shutdown II Averted (Thru September)?
Despite all the progress we're making in keeping out the tired, the poor and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, Small Business Optimism continues to decline, especially in Future Expectations, which are down 10% since the last reading.
Faltering Friday – Trouble At S&P 2,700 (Again)
The 2,700 line on the S&P (/ES) has been the midpoint for all of 2018 and we don't have much reason to think that will change in 2019.
SOTU Tuesday – Trumped-Up Rally Continues
Everything is Awesome! Well, that's what they want us to believe this evening as Trump gives his State of the Union message.


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A “Black Day” For Walmart – Website Glitches Causes Havoc And Major Losses
5 years ago
This will be difficult for Walmart to come back from. Someone will be losing his/her job for sure.
In this article: WMT
Morning Reads
5 years ago
I'm amazed anyone shops at that Walmart at all!
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Shutdown Friday – Government Closes For Christmas
Not only is Donald Trump stealing the paychecks up to 800,000 Federal Workers just in time for Christmas but GOP Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina, says "It is just part of the risk of working in public service."
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Phil's Stock World interviews Jan Dash PhD, regarding his thoughts on climate change and the way it can affect our future.

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