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Graphene, A Bet On The Future
5 years ago

You are thinking of graphite, which is made up of millions of layers of graphene. The uses for graphene in high technology stem from the materials conductive, translucent and 2D properties as well as its strength and light weight. It is very expensive to isolate an individual layer of graphene, which allows these properties to manifest. However, some graphite minors are starting to shift their focus to graphene.

Graphene, A Bet On The Future
5 years ago

Glad I could help!

An Honest World Without Hedge Or PE Funds?
5 years ago

There has been a record amount of money flowing into private equity. At the same time asset prices are at record highs. To much money is chasing to few opportunities. Inevitably returns have to suffer.

An Honest World Without Hedge Or PE Funds?
5 years ago

I am a believer that private equity will go through a dramatic period of poor returns at some point in the future similar to what hedge funds are going through now. Do you believe that once enough money exits hedge funds that the model will once again prove profitable?

Using Stock Options To Gain Exposure To Real Estate
5 years ago

I am always looking for ways to expand my use of options. This is a nice idea that I will look deeper into. Is there a specific reason you believe $IYR will rise?

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35 Year Silver Chart Indicates Big Move In Silver About To Start
5 years ago

My main concern with #silver is that most of its demand comes from industrial uses. I am bearish on China which by extention makes me bearish on any industrial metals.

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WTI Crude Oil And Natural Gas Forecast - Friday, June 8
5 years ago

Tend to agree with the #naturalgas analysis. I was bullish since 2.55 and have been waiting for it to hit 3.00 or break below the trend lind.

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The Best Oil Refiner: Analyzing The Big 4 U.S. Oil Refiner Stocks
5 years ago

I personally believe the greatest opportunities in energy can be found in the #midstream segment. These stocks have not rallied along with the rest of the sector and provide excellent fundamentals and dividends at this point in time.

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Uranium Stocks: Will Market Leader UEC Turn Uranium Into A Bull Market In 2018?
5 years ago

I have been paying closer attention to #uranium over the last 6 months. I have been reading quite a bit of positives on the market and want to do more research.

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Apple Is A Short Into Earnings
5 years ago

Comments on Warren Buffer aside. I agree with the analysis on $aapl. I wrote a similar article regarding slowing iphone sales back in October. Since then Apple has rallied but not as much as it should have given the size of Buffets buying and stock buybacks. Will make a good short one day.

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