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Michael Molman is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Rutgers University. He has been following financial markets and trading for almost 7 years. Through his experience at a trend following, technical analysis based Mutual Fund in Israel, a large Multi Strategy Hedge Fund in ... more


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E Opportunities In A Volatile Market: Virtu Financial And High-Frequency Trading
The return of market volatility has hurt every player in the market but one industry managed to capitalize on the chaos. Virtu Financial and high-frequency traders managed to make a comeback with the return of volatility. This is an opportunity.
Graphene, A Bet On The Future
Graphene is a technology that could revolutionize the world, but the material is no longer attracting attention from investors. However, as the industry begins to commercialize a huge opportunity is presenting itself.
E Opportunities In A Wrecked Shipping Industry: LPG Tankers
The market for LPG Tankers has been depressed for years. However, rising U.S LPG exports and soaring Asian demand is boosting the global LPG trade. At the same time fleet growth is slowing down, this presents investors with an opportunity.
E Opportunities In A Wrecked Shipping Industry: LNG Carriers
LNG trading and imports are on the rise, as Asian countries transition their energy grids to LNG at the same time as the U.S becomes an energy exporter. LNG tankers are set to benefit the most from this trend.
E Opportunities In A Wrecked Shipping Industry: Overview
Shipping stocks are trading at the cheapest valuations in 20 years. Some segments of the industry are set to experience a shortage of ships and this means a return to profitability. Shipping can become the next big value opportunity.
E Cocoa, A Huge Opportunity People Shouldn't Ignore
Cocoa has had a terrible couple of years but there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. A number of technical and fundamental factors point to a recovery in cocoa prices, which presents huge opportunities for traders.
Roku, Next Big Tech Flop Or Opportunity?
Tech stocks are partying like it's 1999. One company that has been especially volatile since its IPO has been Roku.
E Investing In A Rapidly Changing Diamond Industry
The diamond industry has been in turmoil for years as the industry abandons its roots and moves into the 21st century. This provides investors huge opportunities to profit.
The Case For Shorting Apple
Apple has a market cap larger than the GDP of most countries and its cash reserves alone are larger than most Fortune 500 companies. However, many seem to be ignoring several key facts that could send the stock falling over the next few months.
E Rare Opportunities In Rare Metals
The future demand for cobalt is apparent and the dawn of electric cars is upon us. For anyone interested in taking advantage of this new field, rare metals like lithium and cobalt are a great opportunity.
Oil Prices Set To Crash
Oil has been staging an incredible rally since it entered a bear market a few months ago, but is it sustainable? Fundamental and technical indicators say that oil prices are set to reverse and soon.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts