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The Intersection: Crypto And Wall Street This Week
Article By: The Fly
Friday, May 24, 2019 1:21 PM EDT
Facebook aims to launch cryptocurrency in 2020 as SEC delays decision on bitcoin ETF
Bitcoin: Seasonal Summer Weakness
Article By: Dimitri Speck
Thursday, May 23, 2019 5:40 AM EDT
The average price loss between June 6 and October 8 over the past seven years was 4.29 percent.
In this article: BITCOMP
Cryptos Just Flash-Crashed (Again)
Article By: Tyler Durden
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 5:03 PM EDT
Following a mini flash-smash higher this morning, cryptos just knee-jerked abruptly lower across the immediate catalyst was evident.
In this article: BITCOMP, XRP-X, LTC-X, ETH-X
Three Fundamental Theories For Bitcoin’s Big Bullish Run
Article By: Matt Weller
Monday, May 20, 2019 11:15 AM EDT
The world’s oldest cryptoasset has gained more than 150% since early February in a stunning technical move.
In this article: BITCOMP
Long-Term Stock Exchange Gets SEC Approval; Bitcoin Google Searches Spike
Article By: Vin Narayanan
Sunday, May 19, 2019 12:01 AM EDT
We love IPO day - few things are more exciting. But the one thing we hate about IPO day is the overreaction to success or to failure.
In this article: MSFT, GOOGL, UBER, BITCOMP


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Bitcoin Setting Up For Another Drop
Currency Trader 5/18/2019 9:41:49 PM

If that was going to happen would already done so with all the negative press. $BITCOMP

Cryptocurrencies Are A Scam and Are Dead. Or Are They?
Alpha Stockman 11/25/2018 12:11:26 PM

Note that he said he started covering bitcoin at $3. He never actually said at what point he bought bitcoin himself. Jeff Berwick, when did you first buy $BITCOMP / BTC.X?

Cryptocurrency History & Origin – Timeline Infographic
Alexis Renault 7/12/2018 2:11:22 PM

With so many #cryptocurrencies to choose from... #bitcoin #etherium #litecoin #dash #ripple #monero and more. How do you choose which one is the best to invest in?


If Bitcoin’s Rise Was Bad For Gold, Will Its Fall Be Good?
Frank Underwood 6/27/2018 11:25:09 AM

#Bitcoin bear market near its end. If #gold hasn’t already made a rebound it’s in for even more hurt. $BTX.X $BITCOMP $GLD

Why Payment Processing Is An Industry To Invest In
Bindi Dhaduk 4/26/2018 10:39:26 AM

What about #crypto payment options? Like #bitcoin $BITCOMP

Cryptocurrencies Review
Alpha Stockman 2/20/2018 9:34:24 PM

Are there any #cryptocurrencies worth following other than #Bitcoin ($BITCOMP), #Ripple ($XRP-X), #Ethereum ($ETH-X) and #Litecoin ($LTC-X)?

Why Bitcoin Is Not A 'Fraud' Or 'Bubble', But Something You Should Take Seriously
Tom Ellis 2/19/2018 6:31:28 PM

And yet we've not yet seen $BTC-X ($BITCOMP) used for anything except trading, the very definition of a bubble. However $XRP-X has clients, keeps a reserve of 55 Billion XRP in reserve to build out their infrastructure and bolster their portfolio. What does Bitcoin do? Trades with no tangible assets. How many P2B transactions do we see for bitcoin? ATM's? IMO Bitcoin is one of the most robust Ponzis I've seen in my life and I lived through and worked in the dot com bubble whereas all you had to do is walk into a VC's office to get $20MM in seeding.

Banks Not To Blame For Crypto Crashing
Daniel Robertson 2/8/2018 2:38:45 AM

I agree, though didn't #bitcoin fall to around $6k yesterday? So I had thought it was on the rebound today. $BITCOMP

Warning: Markets Reaching Extreme Leverage
Cynthia Decker 2/7/2018 12:30:20 PM

Good article, very well done. Interesting comparison between $UNH and $BITCOMP. But I'd say the former is a far safer bet. Plus #bitcoin has been crashing for the past month.

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