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International markets analyst
Location: Apartado postal 62, Antiguo Cuscatlan, El Salvador

Sarbelio Jaime is a Salvadoran analyst international market, trader, and lawyer. He lives in San Salvador city, El Salvador. He worked for the judicial system, financial system, central banking, and pension funds administration in El Salvador. He also worked for the National ... more

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Bitcoin's El Salvador Option
3 months ago

I agree with you Kristoffer, the best thing that the Salvadoran government would have done is to let people would be free to use whatever medium they prefer for their transactions. But you should know that all Salvadoran governments since 1994 have been predators of the people.

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A New Model Of The Macroeconomy
3 months ago

Sounds like an interesting model Scott. But if that any given money supply, a doubling of the population will cause prices to fall by roughly 50%, What happens when you inject money with quantitive easing policy to stay the economy on the float. Is the QE an external factor that could affect your model?.

Amazon Acquires Metro Goldwyn Mayer For $8.45 Billion
4 months ago

I wonder what will be Amazon´s strategy with this movement. Streaming, cinema, and televisión?.

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The People's Currency
4 months ago

Certainly, crime and corruption are a disadvantage for bitcoin. You are right, And about volatility, I think there´s must be some stable scenery in the future for cryptocurrencies.

The People's Currency
4 months ago

I agree with you, Joseph. Now, El Salvador has a consumer economy. We don´t produce anything like raw material or great grains harvest and our exportations are very limited, but our imports and debts.. you build an empire. 90% of our GDP in debts is our record.

The People's Currency
4 months ago

I see Michele, but do you think bitcoin could be used in a national economy as a base currency?.

The People's Currency
4 months ago

The information that they like. I think the correct word is propaganda, about their inexistent success in combat against corruption and violence.

The People's Currency
4 months ago

Good point Joseph. The thing is reliable and regular GDP reporting, as you know, we have an authoritarian government and do not like to give economic information.

The People's Currency
4 months ago

Well, I would like an anti-inflation currency with a high degree of exchange and easy convertibility. Digital, of course, and accepted in all the world.

Four Reasons Wall Street Is Wrong On Inflation
5 months ago

I mean, I´m talking about El Salvador, Panama, and Ecuador. Our economies are we can call peripheric and in El Salvador case we depend a lot of imports from the U.S and we export less.

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