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Are We Shorting Volatility And How
2 years ago

Thanks for nice insights into you trading day and process. Most of all I admire your discipline to not to over-leverage and keep nimble.

All the best, looking forward for more tweets from u during debt ceiling.

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Comey's Testimony, European Central Bank & U.K Snap Election May All Produce Greater Volatility This Week
2 years ago

Thanks sir Excellent insights going into turbulent week. U intend to book some profits on Monday morning to be able to open more positions end of week right?

Quarterly Update For Golden Capital Portfolio: Tesla Remains In Focus After Quick Profits
2 years ago

Excellent as ever. Awaiting ur moves on snap.

All the best.

VIX-Leveraged ETPs And The 5% Contango Rule
2 years ago

Excellent post. Specifies guidelines to any one new or pro. Will use this as a ready reckoner before opening new positions in VIX ETP/N. Any guidelines when in negative contango? What levels one should look for trim positions? what level to book losses?

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UVXY: Market Uncertainty And Telling The Untold Future
2 years ago

Sorry hear what you had to go through as child. Very much agree the quote. You have been motivation for me to follow a methodical approach for profits, i might not be as aggressive as you are in shorting $UVXY, but am short never getting into a "called in" situation. Thanks for your posts.

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