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Retired. My interests include law and finance.

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Big U.S. Stocks’ Q1’24 Fundamentals
2 months ago

Good read, thanks.

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What Must Fox Be Thinking?
2 months ago

What do you mean?

The Business Cycle - Profiting In Bull Or Bear Markets
4 months ago

Thanks, good explanation.

Tesla’s Ennui
6 months ago

$TSLA is a dead stock now thanks to #ElonMusk who can’t stop fighting other billionaires, alienating everyone and constantly posting nonsense on X.  He's ruining #Tesla.

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3M Stock Declines After Company’s Leadership Changes
8 months ago

The changes were made just a couple of days ago give them a chance to adjust... All these guys are well-experienced in their fields and I have a lot of faith that this was a good decision for the company.

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ROKU Gears Up To Report Q2 Earnings: What's In The Cards?
11 months ago

Expecting to see it drop to mid high $50’s after $ROKU earnings tomorrow. It’s had its run and will pullback when earnings come in softer than expected. Few Understand.
🧸 Bearish

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