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Finally Some Real Data…For November
1 year ago

Thank you for posting the data. As the trade war has been outbroken, if China slows its purchases of US Treasuries and then decides to steadily reduce its holdings by using a normal drawdown strategy...that inevitably will drive down the price of the bonds. Now that hurts their existing of US currency. Clearly, China didn't successfully work out well to engage with EU in terms of having more benefits against the US. In fact, the threat of "trade war" actually bolster the price of US treasuries today, not depressed by massive selling.

Sapiens International A Strong Growth Story Flying Under The Radar
3 years ago

Like your stuff, added you to my follow list.

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Cardiome Pharma: Why This Bio Gem Could Be An Easy Double This Year
5 years ago

Really great article, thanks for bringing this stock to my attention.

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Is Tension With Russia Reaching Its Climax?
5 years ago

Putin's assumption that the world would look the other way when it invaded Crimea was a fairly safe bet. It's happened many times before. When Hamas infiltrated Israel killing its soldiers and kidnapping Gilad Schalit, the world ignored it and blamed Israel. Same thing more recently when Hamas infiltrated Israel with its terror tunnels to attack Israeli citizens.

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The 2.6 Billion Dollar Welfare Payment That The U.S. Government Gives To Wal-Mart
5 years ago

I'm pretty sure that Germany isn't the only Western country without a Walmart. I've been too quite a few countries with none - South Korea, Israel, etc. Plus German used to have Walmart but they closed because "Germans didn’t like Walmart employees handling their groceries at the check-out line." More on this here: walmarthelp.com/countries-without-a-walmart-businessweek/

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Dave & Buster's Entertainment - Chart Of The Day
5 years ago

It would seem that a bull call spread or maybe a long butterfly option position might be two viable investment strategies.

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Top 3 Semiconductor Stocks Of 2014
5 years ago

Good setup here. VIX Rolled Over Friday on 10 Minute Chart well below 50tick resistance same as previously. Stocks Rising.

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Dollar’s Ride Is About To End
5 years ago

I'm looking for an update on this article. Mr. Pento, do you feel there has been any change since you last wrote this?

Is It The Right Time To Add Railroad Stocks To Your Portfolio?
5 years ago

Be careful. Rails have 50% share in tonnage thanks to coal etc. Trucks dominate freight market $ share.

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