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A Free Palestine Starts In Rafah
9 days ago

Very thought provoking.  But this seems to contradict this other article I recently read:

We all were lied to: Gaza was a modern, developed city before October 7

Yes, we know that Hamas steals most of the aid money and uses it for weapons, underground bunkers and terror tunnels. But is Gaza truly improvished, or is that just what the Hamas propoganda machine wants us to believe? 

Jesus Of Nazareth
1 month ago

As Golda Meir said “We can forgive you for killing our children, but we can never forgive you for making us kill your children.”  Israelis abhoar the war and lament the death of innocent Gazans. By contrast, a recent poll showed that 72% supported the massacre of innocent Israelis on October 7th.

It's hard to compromise and find peace when the only demand of the Gazans is that the Jews roll over and die.

Barbarians At The Gate
2 months ago

Sure, the nazis killed 6 million Jews and teorrirzed the world, but according to this author, they should still be honored and praised for helping with freeways and space exploration.  Let's not forget to laud their advancements in medicine throuugh their horrific torture and medical experimentation on Holocaust victims.

Paris - Europe's New Capital And A City Of Light For Investors
2 months ago

Interesting.  I haven't really considered investing abroad.

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Is ChatGPT Getting Lazy?
2 months ago


“Devices And Door Handles” Stock Market (And Sentiment Results)
2 months ago

Congrats on the media coverage, that's pretty cool.  You did a nice job.

It Is Time To Buy Hims & Hers Stock
2 months ago

#Amazon Medical is better than $HIMS. Amazon offers all the same meds for only $9 a month for a Prime member. Check it out - much better pricing on the meds too.  Hard to beat $AMZN.

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Where To Invest In The EU/Eurozone Mess?
3 months ago

Is there a chance the Eurozone can get sucked into the war brewing in the Middle East?

The Eurozone Disaster - Between Stagnation And Stagflation
3 months ago

Is there a chance the Eurozone can get sucked into the war brewing in the Middle East?

A Tragedy Of Truly Epic Proportions
3 months ago

Agreed. When he blames the rise of anti-semitic attacks on the Jews, that's antisemtic as well.  But I doubt any one on this website is suprised by his rabidly anti-Israel statements by now.  Its sad how ignorant some people are.

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