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Twitter Incurs Republicans' Wrath
2 hours ago

Even if this true, it would just mean the Russians weren't involved, it does not mean the emails are legitimate. They still could have been hacked by the Trump campaign, Trump supporters, or some unknown 3rd party. Or I suppose it could mean it's all true after all. Only time will tell. I doubt we'll know before the election for sure.

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Twitter Incurs Republicans' Wrath
2 hours ago

I'm pretty sure the anonymous source is Giuliani! ;-) Or the Russian agent he's been accused of working with.

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COVID-19 Cases Surge In Israel
25 days ago

A big part of the problem is that so many don't listen to the rules. Even in Israel:


Looking For VC Funding Today? Time To Face Reality
2 months ago

Well, this is depressing for those of us in the startup world.

Fortnite Is Gone
2 months ago

Yes, that is an important distinction. I'll give Shelly Palmer another example to further that argument. I used to work at on online store and we also sold items on #eBay and #Amazon to get access to their millions of customers, just as app maker sell their apps on #Apple and Google's app stores. But we charged a little more on Amazon/eBay to cover the higher fees. Customers knew they could always buy them directly at our site for a bit less.

But Amazon and Ebay never said we were forbidden to sell items for less on our own site. That would be completely unfair in my mind. And it seems like there is some collusion between Apple and Google if this is their policy.


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The Global Stocks To Watch
2 months ago

Some good picks here. I had tried to use PayPal to pay my employees in India, but PayPal wouldn't allow it due to high fraud there. Has that changed? Regardless, rather than paying PayPal's high fees, or the expensive international wire charges, it was much cheaper sending a payment through Western Union online. You may want to check it out.

Open Letter To Trump On Lebanon's Latest Tragedy
2 months ago

What implications are there, if any, for the wider region. Israel for example?

Dollar – 2 Reasons Why Friday Is The Big Day
2 months ago

"President Trump, frustrated with lack of progress by Congress, said he expects to sign executive orders Friday or Saturday to extend enhanced unemployment benefits, impose a payroll tax holiday, provide eviction protection, and student loan repayment relief."

Hot damn! I am not a Trump supporter but if he can get me my extra $600 per month and get rid of my student loans, he'll have my vote! Meanwhile none of those fat, rich congressman will. They only care about themselves.

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