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Navigating Through Stormy Skies: A Sell Stance On JetBlue Airways
1 month ago

With things heating up pretty badly in the Middle East, fuel prices are almost certain to skyrocket. How will that affect the airlines stock price?

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Metaverse Inflation Theory Confirmed
1 year ago

Tech is supposed to go down in price over time, not increase!  What is #Zuckerberg thinkng?  Maybe this is just a ploy to push the people who were on the fence about buying an #Oculus to buy now.

Crypto Crash Deepens, Meme Coins Shiba Inu And Dogecoin In The Red
2 years ago

#Shib is holding pretty solid in my opinion.

US Is Breaking Records We Don't Want To Break
2 years ago

Time stamp 1:48: the problem is that people are getting the payments and  making more money unemployed, than when they were employed.*

Wrong. Schiff is clearly out of touch. Unemployment payments ended months ago. And yet people are not flooding back into the job market. Instead they are suffering.

S&P 5000 – Here We Come
2 years ago

Good post, thanks.

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The Lifeline Of Markets – Liquidity Defined
2 years ago

Great article, thanks.

Bitcoin And Cryptos Are Just A Fad: Denmark's Central Bank Governor
2 years ago

Well of course a central bank would say that, - their job security is at stake!

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Is ARK Invest's Cathie Wood Interested In Nio?
2 years ago

This video on $NIO concurs with the author.

Value & Growth Demagogues
2 years ago

Excellent read, thanks.

Opening Up The Economy, Case By Case
2 years ago

Very true, Gary.

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